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NASA Is Calling India’s A-SAT Test A Terrible Thing

Last week, when Narendra Modi announced the success of Mission Shakti, everyone (especially Indians) felt proud of our nation. After all, now we have become 4th country in the world to own an A-SAT power (space weaponry).

Every other nation is also talking about it. Though, they all aren’t talking good things about the success of Mission Shakti. Some of them are actually condemning the results of this success.

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) itself termed India’s A-SAT test as ‘a terrible thing’ because they believe it might endanger the ISS (International Space Station).

But why NASA used so harsh words?

India A-SAT

Recently, the success of India’s anti-satellite (A-SAT) has made the world to recognize our (Indians) space power. After America, Russia and China, now we are the 4th nation to own this power.

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Discussing India’s move, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine at NASA Townhall in Washington said, “That is a terrible, terrible thing to create an event that sends debris and an apogee that goes above the international space station. That kind of activity is not compatible with the future of human spaceflight that we need to see have happened.”

He continued and said, “The A-SAT test by India last week has resulted in about 400 pieces of orbital debris.” NASA has already spotted around 60 pieces drifting in the space. Out of these 60 pieces of destroyed satellite, 24 are going above the ISS.

Though, not all the piece from the wreck are big enough to track. For now, NASA is only tracking drifting objects are 10 centimeters or bigger in size.

What was Mission Shakti?

India A-SAT

For those who don’t know, Mission Shakti was a test on an anti-satellite missile carried out by DRDO and ISRO. On 27th March 2019, PM Modi announced that India shot down a satellite in space with a missile.

This has helped our country to become a part of the elite club of space powers alongside the US, Russia, and China. But, Bridenstine is the first top official who comes out in public condemning India’s A-SAT test.

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According to Bridenstine, this kind of activities encourages other countries to do the same. As a result, there will be a rapid increase in carrying out such space activities. This makes it hard to carry out other important low orbit space missions that are intended to benefit the human condition.

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In Conclusion:

Well, space wreck is a big problem. Apparently, humans are not just polluting their current habitat anymore. Researches have already shown data that proved that there is a ton of space wreck floating in our orbit. But that doesn’t mean India has done anything wrong. NASA has already done things in the past that have contributed to the space wreck.

Though, India has to be careful before carrying out such a test. The results of tests are not the only thing that mattered.

It is important to make sure that the outcome of the test won’t cause a problem in the future.

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