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India Crosses ‘1 Lakh’ Mark In Terms Of Corona Cases, Surpasses China, Italy Like Threat Looms?

The deadly coronavirus has now started making thick inroads in India. On Monday the country crossed the 1 lakh case mark. With around 4,970 coronavirus being confirmed in India in the last 24 hours it has moved well ahead of China. The official number of cases reported by China was 88,423. Though the actual number ib China runs into lakhs.

However, what’s the concern for India is that the 1 lakh mark has been achieved with a doubling rate of 12 days. At this rate by 30th May that is one day before the end of lockdown 4.0, India would have 2 lakh cases. The current number of cases in the country is around 1,01,283.

In the span of 12 days the death toll has reached 3,163 after 134 deaths were reported in the last 24 hours. The number of those who have recovered stands somewhere around 39, 234. The rise in cases put India’s curve in line with country’s like Italy, U.S, Spain, etc where it hits 5,000 plus cases in 24 hours.

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What is threatening is the rise of the curve in terms of a number of deaths. With relaxations being introduced in lockdown the doubling rate can common down to even 10 or 12 days. Moreover, PM Modi last month in his conference with CMs of state said there would be a spike in June or July. Director of AIIMS has also said about such a spike in June.

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