India Faces $150 Billion Loss Annually Due To Air Pollution

The air pollution in India is not only affecting our health but is costing big bucks to the nation. As per a report by Greenpeace India loses whopping $8 billion a day, due to the burning of fossil fuels. This stands at about 3.3% of global gross domestic product or $2.9 trillion per year.

The report further points that India bears $150 billion a year as a result of soaring pollution. Apart from India, China and the U.S. bear high economic costs due to pollution. As per the report, an estimated $900 billion and $600 billion loss is borne by the two countries respectively.

Air pollution is causing a threat to billions in spite of efforts from various countries. Fossil fuel burning is a major contributor to air pollution. Particles are thrown off by fossil fuel use account for 4.5 million premature deaths each year around the globe. Out of this 1.8 million are recorded in China and a million in India.

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Compared to other pollutants such as ozone and nitrogen dioxide, the PM 2.5 leads to the greatest health impact. In 2019, about 91% of the global population lived in places where levels of air pollution exceeded guidelines set by the World Health Organization, said the report. The reports put many other global facts related to air pollution which you can access by clicking here

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