India Rolls Out Voice-Driven UPI Payments; Read More For Complete Details Inside

With the addition of a voice-based function, India’s UPI payment system is ready to undergo a transformation. This invention attempts to make money transfers easier by allowing consumers to start transactions using voice instructions rather than text-based input.

RBI Governor Shaktikant Das announced the plan to introduce this voice-based UPI money transfer technology at a recent global fintech event in Mumbai.

This new function is intended to be a game changer, especially for seniors and anyone with minimal digital literacy or smartphone usage experience. It will also appeal to people who are more comfortable speaking regional languages than English.

Using UPI With Voice Commands

The UPI payment capability based on voice will be integrated into UPI applications, telecom calls, and Hindi and English IoT devices. Other regional languages will be added to the system in the near future.

Users just deliver a voice command and input their UPI PIN to execute a speech-based UPI transaction. NPCI has created payment models in Hindi and English in conjunction with IIT Madras’ A14 Bharat Bhashini Program.

Increasing Demand For Voice Searches

Voice search demand has been continually increasing, with a staggering yearly rise of 270%. The UPI voice-based transfer system will be available in two modes: on-call and in-app. 


To finish the payment procedure, users will contact a certain number and follow the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) instructions.


Voice input is available within the UPI application, where the device detects and responds to voice instructions.

How Does The System Work?

Several steps are involved in the process:

  • Human speech is digitally transformed.
  • Speech recognition recognizes and turns voice input into text.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) converts speech input into the required language, which is usually English.
  • The system recognizes the user’s purpose and processes the voice command appropriately.
  • The system creates a voice output, which the user hears, verifies, and conducts the transaction.

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