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India Vs New Zealand: An Epic Match And Its Memes That Will Help You Get Through The Process Of Remorse

“I hope they’re not too angry. We are all fortunate to play this sport and have a country like India be right behind it. But hopefully we can adopt 1.5 billion supporters and they’ll be supporting us in the finals” , said Kane Williamson after beating India in ICC World Cup semifinals yesterday.

All Indian fans were in grief when they saw their favourite team losing the semifinals. To me personally, it hurt more than a breakup. No one expected this to happen.

Rohit Sharma was in the form of his life. KL Rahul perfectly filled the place of Shikhar Dhawan, Kholi was consistent too. But guess what, it wasn’t a good day for our team. Dhoni and Jadeja did all they can do. A million fans did their prayers too. But the late fight back, and amazing New Zealand bowlers helped Kiwis to enter their second consecutive World Cup final.

Now, all that you can do is appreciate the efforts of your team (as some of them gave their best). However, if you are still, sad thinking about that yesterday’s match. Just check out these INDvNZ memes from the semifinals to light up your mood.

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In Conclusion:

What happened yesterday was certainly unexpected. Being a fan, you should not feel sorry for your team. They did their best, sometimes you are not the hero of the story. New Zealand is a good team but they have never won the World Cup. Maybe this time it’s their story, so stop dragging your sad ass everywhere. And feel good for helping New Zealand guiding towards the happy end of their story.

P.S. -I cried when Dhoni was walking back to the pavilion. For real. But let’s move on.

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