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Indian Army Inducted Latest Sniper Rifle ‘Sako TRG 42’

Sako TRG 42 Now In Hands Of Indian Army

The Indian Army has introduced the latest sniper rifle ‘Sako TRG 42’ from Finland. This sniper rifle is especially inducted for the soldiers deployed on the Line of Control (LOC) in Jammu And Kashmir.

As per the reports told to PTI, “The latest sniper rifles have been inducted into the army. They are using it now. These are Sako .338 TRG 42 sniper rifles.”

As per Sako’s website, the Sako TRG 42 “.338 Lapua Magnum (LM)” has excellent precision ability as a long-range weapon. This rifle is more advanced with higher firepower and telescopic sight.

As per an official statement, the soldiers are being trained to use this new sniper rifle. This rifle will make our snipers more lethal to fight in the intense situation on LOC.

Sako TRG 42 Now In Hands Of Indian Army

Need Of Sako TRG 42 In the Indian Army

According to the officials, the areas along the LOC region and International borders have becoming extremely lethal snipping zones. And this has emerged as a major problem for the soldiers patrolling that area. Between the time zone of 2018 and 2019, the snipping incidents increased drastically in LOC and IB areas. To deal with such events the armed forces were needed to induct sniper rifles with extreme precision and train their snipers to be more lethal.

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Key Features Of Sniper Rifle Sako TRG 42 As Per Sako’s Website:

  • Improved recoil: the pad is installed to give the handler better control & accuracy by reduced recoil.
  • Advanced Trigger Safety Mechanism: it is installed in the rifle to ensure safety if the rifle is accidentally dropped.
  • Double Plungers: they ensure seamless cartridge ejection for better performance.
  • Magazine: Sako TRG 42 is more reliable with detachable magazines, with a better grip for fast loading.
  • The new rifle is designed for rough handling with enhanced precision and boosted firepower.

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