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Watch Indian And Chinese Troops Dance On Bhangra Beats To Cool Off After Battle Exercise

“Hindi-Chini bhai-bhai”- You must have heard this phrase many times.

And this time, it’s that ‘Bhaichara’ that has gone viral for all the right reasons. To be precise, it’s the Indian and Chinese troops dance that is spreading a happy viral sensation across both countries.

Where did it happen?

Recently, India and China got together for their 7th Sino-India joint exercise Hand-in-Hand 2018 at Chengdu in China. The soldiers had gathered there for practicing ‘Battle Obstacle Course’. And obviously, both the troops were exhausted after the session. But once it was over they had their share of fun.

Who was taking part?

The company size contingents of 11 SIKHLI from Indian Army and a regiment from Tibetan Military District of People’s Liberation Army were there to participate in the exercise.

As soon as both the troops finished their super tough battle session, they wanted to cool off. And soon, a quirky Indian and Chinese troops dance-off began. Indian soldiers took the lead and taught a couple of basic bhangra moves to their Chinese friends.

Indian and Chinese troops dance

The Chinese soldiers too picked up the bhangra steps pretty quickly and joined the Indians, which was definitely worth watching.

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Indian and Chinese troops dance

The aim of the exercise was to build and promote close relations between the armies of both countries. And I guess it couldn’t have been done in a more enjoyable manner.

Indian and Chinese troops dance

The video uploaded by the ADG PI of Indian Army on Instagram. That too, with an awesome caption, “Troops of Indian Army & Chinese Army sharing lighter moments after practicing gruesome Battle Obstacle Course.”

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Soon, it went viral and in a matter of six hours, the Indian and Chinese troops dance video crossed over 75,000 views. As per the army officials, this battle exercise was to enhance the ability of the joint exercise commander to take the military contingent of both nations under command. And no wonder, the commander did it beautifully.

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Watch the whole video here:

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In Conclusion:

As per the army, the exercise is supposed to involve tactical level operations in an international counterinsurgency/ counter-terrorism environment under UN mandate. But I bet, both the troops had not planned to indulge in a bhangra dance session.

And it clearly shows that even if different countries are at war, the people living in it don’t want war. Everyone wants to live happily and peacefully, and that’s what should be supported. I hope in future, dance battles are used instead of fighting a real war to settle off an issue.

Don’t you think it would be cool?

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