Indian Passport Just Ranked Up , Now Travel to These Countries Visa Free

Travel geeks often start their thrilling journeys by getting a passport, as exploring new places is a lot of fun. But travelling abroad requires a visa along with your passport, which can be very troublesome to get. This complex process stops many people from exploring the outside world.

Guess what? If you have an Indian passport, you can travel to over 50 countries without bothering with visa applications. That’s right! You can explore these destinations with just your Indian passport; no visas are needed.

Indian Passport Just Ranked Up

Indian Passport Ranked Up in Henley Passport Index List

  • Henley Passport Index has been updated with new country names to which Indian passport holders can visit visa-free.
  • These visa-free countries include Albania, Serbia, Botswana, Ethiopia, and Uganda.
  • No prior visa application is needed for travel to these destinations.
  • As for the Middle East, visa-free options extend to Iran, Jordan, Oman, and Qatar for Indian passport holders.
  • Moreover, in Asia, countries like Cambodia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand are also welcoming Indians without requiring a visa application in advance.

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Nepal, Bhutan, Kazakhstan and More in the Facility List

  • Bhutan and Nepal

Indian passport holders can now travel to Bhutan and Nepal without needing a visa in advance. No more visa interviews, lines, or paperwork.

  • Kazakhstan

You can enjoy a visa-free stay for up to 14 days in Kazakhstan.

  • Barbados and Fiji

These beach paradises also welcome Indian passport holders without requiring a visa.

  • Maldives

Known for its stunning seascapes, Indian celebrities frequent Maldives for holidays, and you can too without a visa.

  • Mauritius and Senegal

If you’re interested in exploring African countries, Mauritius and Senegal also allow Indian passport holders to visit without the need for a visa application.

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