Indian Railway Will Charge Fine For Extra Luggage, Know How To Book

Indian Railway Will Charge Fine For Extra Luggage, Know How To Book

Guys, don’t carry any extra luggage which bother other travelers while traveling via trains now, if you are caught red-handed a decent amount of penalty will be charged to you by the Indian Railway. So far for decades now the railway has been very lenient about the people carrying extra baggage which bothers other passengers and blocks the way in coaches. However, now a new policy similar to Air Travel has been announced, as per which the passengers will be charged for carrying extra baggage.

Indian Railway To Charge Penalty

Indian Railway Announced on Twitter

On May 29th, a tweet was posted by the Ministry of Railway, which suggested people not carry excess luggage on the trains. The Ministry wrote in Hindi, “If there is more luggage, then the enjoyment of the journey will be half! Do not travel by train carrying more luggage. In case of excess baggage, go to the parcel office and book the luggage.”

How Much Luggage To Carry Without Any Charges As Per Indian Railway?

Passengers can carry up to 70 KG of luggage for free in AC first class, 50 KG in AC 2-tier, 40 KG in “AC 3-tier sleeper, AC chair car, and the sleeper class,” 20 KG in second-class. And ₹30 is the minimum charge levied by the Indian Railways for extra luggage, rest depends upon the weight of the baggage.

How To Book Your Extra Luggage?

Now if you want to carry extra luggage with you, then you should reach the luggage office booking station at least 30 minutes ( or so ) before the train leaves. Also, passengers can book their luggage while booking tickets online.

A notification said, “Luggage which is not securely packed will not be accepted for booking and carriage unless the sender or his authorized agent executes a forwarding note and records therein such defects or improper packing.”

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Now About The Penalty Charges If you Carry Extra Luggage Without Booking It First:

According to the notification, if any passenger is found carrying excess luggage with booking or after partial booking, then the booking fee over six times will be charged on the excess weight.

“However, if unbooked or partially booked luggage is detected more than the free allowance of then luggage but within the marginal allowance, it is charged at 1.5 times the luggage scale rate.” as per notification.

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