Indian Railways Cancels Several Trains from December 4 Due to Dense Fog – Check Out the Complete List

The Indian Railways said that numerous trains will be canceled in December due to the severe fog forecast, which will affect train operations. Thousands of passengers may experience difficulty traveling by long-distance trains beginning next month, December, as numerous trains will be canceled on various routes throughout the winter season.

Several trains, including Tata-Amritsar, Santragachi-Anand Vihar, Hatia-Anand Vihar, and Sealdah-Ajmer, would be canceled on these routes. Aside from that, the frequency of some of these trains departing from and passing through Dhanbad would be decreased beginning in December.

The intense fog that is forecast to envelop the northern and eastern sections of the country in the coming days is the cause for the train cancellations. It should be remembered that strong fog limits vision and has an impact on train safety and punctuality. The railway officials decided to avoid any unforeseen incidents and to maintain the smooth functioning of the trains.

The railway officials have already announced the cancelation of several services. The following is a list of canceled trains and their dates are mentioned below.

List Of Canceled Trains And Their Dates

  • 18103 Tata Amritsar Jallianwala Bagh Express cancelled from December 4 to February 28
  • 18104 Amritsar Tata Jallianwala Express cancelled from December 6 to March 1
  • 22857 Santragachi-Anand Vihar Weekly Express cancelled from December 4 to February 26
  • 22858 Anand Vihar Santragachi Weekly Express cancelled from December 5 to February 27
  • 12873 Hatia Anand Vihar Swarna Jayanti Express cancelled from December 4 to February 29
  • 12874 Anand Vihar-Hatia Swarna Jayanti Express cancelled from December 5 to March 1
  • 12987 Sealdah-Ajmer Express has been cancelled on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday from December 3 to March 1.
  • 12988 Ajmer-Sealdah Express has been cancelled on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from December 2 to February 29.

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