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How Would Have India Reacted If Deepika Padukone Sported Cape Like Jennifer Lopez?

Jennifer Lopez, the diva who looks 30 years old, since last 30 years or so.

After every now and then, she makes the headlines with her sizzling hot couture. And this time she wore a Valentino creation that showed off just about every one of those famous curves that she possesses.
Jenifer Lopez trolled

There is no question about the fact that she comes up the nudest of nude costumes and still seems nonplused, the entire time. And the Indian reactions are downright epic on her picture.

But what crossed my mind has nothing to do with J. Lo, it has something to do with our Indian beauties.

Everybody knows that when it comes to flaunting bold and bizarre costumes, there are a few names that would surely make it to the list from Bollywood industry. Even the hottest and sexiest of Bollywood divas have received epic Indian reactions on their choice of clothes, which they sported on one or the other award function.

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Take Deepika Padukone for instance. She has been shamed down for wearing revealing clothes to wearing peppy colorful clothes and even for sporting messy hair. But I guess, that is the expected Indian reaction. After all, these folks are so concerned about the celebs life, that sometimes, they even give up eating and drinking because they are offended by something that the actress did. (Aww…thats kinda cute, right)

Anyway, the question of the hour is-

What if an Indian actress decides to flaunt this cape at any Bollywood award function?

I somehow feel that these would be the most probable Indian reactions when it comes to trolling a celeb for her costume-

1. Troll on Social Media Platforms

Indian reactions

I believe the first thing that the people will do is troll the actress to their heart’s content. Right from making memes to making one-liner jokes and in the end resort to creating cheap and weird photoshopped images. Their creativity pours out.

2. Blame them for ruining Indian culture

Indian reactions

Then there will be a group of puny haters who would relate it to Indian culture and how the actress is the cause of cultural downfall. Some may even call her the reason why revealing clothes came into existence in the first place.

3. Accuse them of being Characterless

Oh, the word ‘characterless’ is their favorite. If an actress wears something short she is characterless, if she wears something long- she is characterless, if she wears a saree she is characterless and if she wears a bikini she is characterless. With being an actress comes the tag of being characterless. Period.

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4. Sit on protest (who knows)

Indian reactions

It won’t be a shock if Indian reactions are all about preparation to launch a full-on protest against her. Like, sit on a ‘dharna’ and shit like that. And no, I am not even kidding. This is very much possible when you consider the Indian janta.

ViralBake Telegram

5. Boycott her movies altogether

Indian reactions

Some people might even start asking others to boycott the movie of that particular actress like they have. They might even try and burn her movie posters so that they can showcase how angry they are about her dress.

6. Relate her with a Political Party and campaign against it

Indian reactions

Then, there will be some folks who would link it to a specific political party and pour out their heart’s rage adhering the party they hate most.

7. Make an appeal that she should leave the country (If possible earth)

Indian reactions

And last but not the least will be people who would come up with outrageous demands. It would mostly be on the lines of ‘Desh-nikala’ i.e. the actress should leave Indian because she has ruined the dignity of this country.

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In Conclusion:

I know, some of you might think, that these points are exaggerated, but trust me, if you read the comments (which are hilarious AF) on accounts of celebs who have posted revealing pictures, you will know why I said so.

Now go and see for yourself and tell me if I was wrong!

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