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Indigo Launches Bangkok to Varanasi Flights, Goes Viral As Paap-Praschit Route. Thanks To Twitteratis

Heard about Bangkok? (Don’t nod in a NO, I know all of you have)

The paradise for kinky stuff and a sin city as we call it. On the other hand, Varanasi is considered one of the holiest cities in the world. Which is why, when Indigo launched its newest flight route Varanasi to Bangkok, netizens went crazy.

What’s the hype about?

The route itself is the reason behind all this hype. After all, everyone knows why people travel all the way to Bangkok. Ehem Ehem!! So, when a genius Twitter user ‘Tarun Shukla’ (@shukla_tarun) came across the advertisement, he couldn’t stop himself from pointing out the irony of it all.

He tweeted the announcement with a pun intended line that he had come across on Whatsapp.

Check his tweet-

Ever since his tweet, people are going crazy with the use of Paap-Praschit route in place of Bangkok-Varanasi, because hey, that’s what the places are meant for.

His tweet has been liked and shared a lot by the netizens who can’t help but smile at the sheer coincidence of the flight traveling from the most sinned place to one of the holiest places of the earth.

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Here are some of the best comments Twitterati’s came up with-

The Paap-Praschit route is indeed the most original of originals.

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Or is it Paap -Praschit route special. (severe pun intended)

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Now, we know that it is possible for us to travel to Bankok and back in one day. This is sure to increase tourism in the city of angels as well as in the holy city of Varanasi. Because who would not want to wash away his sins in the holy Ganges?

And now that there is a direct flight, why wait?

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In Conclusion:

It seems that Indigo airlines hired a new sales team who comes with the most practical ideas which can help the business grow. What better than giving a two-way road to sinners who want to sin and the sinner who want to wash away their sins.

A win-win situation for all, eh? What about you, when are you boarding the flight?

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