IndiGo Introduces New Facility For Passengers To Get Off Quickly

On Thursday, IndiGo Airline announced that it will now allow passengers to get off quickly from the plane with the help of three exit doors system. Company’s CEO, Ronojoy Dutta said to reporters at Delhi Airport, that adopting a three-point disembarkation plan will help passengers to get off quickly from the plane and will save five to six minutes, which will allow the planes to quickly turn around.

IndiGo Introduces New Facility For Passengers To Get Off Quickly

IndiGo Introduces Three-Point Disembarkation

“It generally takes 13-14 minutes to disembark an A321 aircraft with two-point disembarkation. With three-point disembarkation, it will take just seven-eight minutes to let all passengers get off the plane,” the company said.

“The new three-point disembarkation process will be carried out from two forward and one rear exit ramps, making IndiGo the first airline in the world to use this process,” Airline said. A fleet of IndiGo’s A320 and A321 will be the ones on which this new facility will be tested first, in which 181 Airbus A-320 and 65 Airbus A321 aircraft are also involved.

“At IndiGo, we constantly and dynamically keep reinventing our internal standards to enable a hassle-free customer experience as well as contributing to operational efficiencies for all stakeholders including airport operators and ground handling companies

“We have always looked at newer ways to enhance our customer experience and make flying, as well as our ground operations, efficient and hassle-free. Adding a third ramp for disembarkation is a simple yet effective way to complete a smooth travel experience for our customers,” said Sanjeev Ramdas, Executive Vice President, IndiGO.

“IndiGo is India’s largest passenger airline with a market share of 56.9 per cent as of June 2022. Since its inception in August 2006, it grew from a carrier with one plane to a fleet of 279 aircraft today. It has a total destination count of 97 with 74 domestic destinations and 25 International,” quoted by

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FFWD Service For The Flight Passengers

Passengers booking IndiGo flights will have the option to opt for ‘FFWD’ at an adequate fee. This service will help passengers to get a check-in, “baggage-drop at a separate FFWD counter, baggage pick-up” all at priority.

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