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Influence of Bollywood on Hollywood

Be it Deepika Padukone’s glamorous appearance with Vin Diesel or the number of eyeballs Priyanka Chopra has attracted across the globe, in the course of last few years, we’ve learned how Hollywood has been attracted by the magic of Bollywood Masala.

We’ve seen big names from Hollywood like Fox Studios, Viacom, Disney taking leap of faith towards the country vastly driven by the entertainment industry. Budding friendships Hollywood celebrities and Bollywood stars have only been loved and supported by the fans across the globe.

Similar to the gambling industry and its online counterpart, big giants have started to invest a lot. Because ultimately, people want fun—regardless of how they achieve it. And that is what we’re going to discuss in this article. How one of the two biggest industries of entertainment influence the other one?

The Slumdog Millionaire effect

bollywood on hollywood

Danny Boyle’s masterpiece ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ made a humungous global impact on the fans of entertainment around the world. It taught people about India’s unique musical-infused storytelling. Not only this, the movie bagged whopping 8 Oscars home and attracted the interest of some of the popular music artists too.

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BBC Asian Network entertainment reporter Shabnam Mahmood also believes that the movie was the tipping point of Bollywood’s global image. On AR Rahman’s remarkable song Jai ho, she said, Here was a British director taking on Indian culture. It made people aware of Bollywood music. If you ask people what song they remember from the film, it’s Jai Ho – especially when girl band Pussycat Dolls adapted the song so well“.

The song attracted the interest of the big names like Akon and Kylie Minogue to add the flavour of Bollywood to their songs.

All of a sudden they wanted to know, what’s that Bollywood all about?” says Mahmood.
It’s great for our own people to see our role models making it into Hollywood, too. It globalizes. It brings people together. Bollywood is bringing everyone together.”

Undeniably, every word of that is true.

Hollywood studios entering the Indian market and Indian stars making it to the global stage

bollywood on hollywood production houses

In the very year, Slumdog Millionaire was released, mighty Hollywood studios had come to the realization of how crucial Indian audience was to them. The likes of Disney, Viacom, 20th Century Fox pictures and Sony Pictures had set up their local offices or partnered with existing giants in the market.

India’s billionaire industrialist Anil Ambani didn’t miss the party either. This shrewd businessman decided to land one of the biggest fishes in the pool. Steven Spielberg and Anil Ambani- the two giants announced partnership worth millions of dollars.

India, which far, far earlier in the economic development cycle, has been more welcoming of competition and so Bollywood has come to influence Hollywood, financially and creatively,”, Rupert Murdoch – media conglomerate News Corp chairman and chief executive officer.

The Celebrity tie-ups

bollywood on hollywood tie ups

Let’s talk about celebrities. If we speak about the recent time, only one name would pop-up in our heads. Especially, if we address Bollywood’s influence on Hollywood, and that of course is —Priyanka Chopra.

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Priyanka has been honoured with the prestigious Padma Shri award, the fourth highest civilian award, in her country. Although, the respect she has earned now transcends the borders of South Asia, and she’s now a famous global celebrity.

The Miss World 2000 starred in the movies like Baywatch (2017) and A Kid Like Jake (2018). Although the most instrumental part of her global success came from the deal. That’s when she signed with ABC studious for the American thriller series Quantico. Not to mention, Priyanka became the first South Asian to headline an American network drama series.

There are some other big names too, apart from Priyanka that graced the silver screen.

Irfan Khan appeared in Inferno, Life of Pi and The Amazing Spider-Man. Having already rocked the global stage with his remarkable acting in ‘Slumdog Millionaire,’ Anil Kapoor appeared alongside the very famous Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 4.

Deepika Padukone appeared in XXX and there’s a long list of Bollywood celebrities that showcased their skills on the global stage.

In Conclusion:

If we speak from a fan’s standpoint, who wouldn’t love to see two of the world’s biggest entertainment industries showing flavors of each other. With Hollywood having a greater reach across the globe, the addition of Bollywood actors has undoubtedly given them a great deal of profit in terms of money and reach.

The situation between the two is more like ‘You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ and for the fans, it is only getting better with time.

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