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Infosys Faces Legal Action on Discriminatory Recruitment

Infosys faces legal action after it asked HR not to hire people who fall under certain categories which are mentioned below:

  • Women with children: Mothers
  • Candidates of Indian origin
  • Candidates above 50 years of age

Jill Prejean, the former vice president (VP) of talent acquisition at Infosys, who joined the organisation in 2018, was strictly told not to hire candidates who fell under the categories mentioned above.

She didn’t want to comply with the situation so she filed a lawsuit in 2021 against the former senior Vice President and the head of consulting Mark Livingstone along with the former partner Dan Albright and Jerry Kurtz.

This lawsuit against Infosys also alleged that it has hostile working conditions and retaliatory firing.

Prejean was witnessing a similar working environment from the day she was recruited. Being the vice president (VP) of talent acquisition, she tried to fix the situation for the employees. The 59-year-old lady tried to fix the culture for the first two months of her recruitment but faced great resistance from her co-workers.

Her patience broke when she was instructed to set discriminatory bars on her upcoming hirings.

What did the Judge say?

Infosys tried to dismiss the case by the former executive but A United States District Court for the Southern District of New York dismissed their plea for the same. Instead, the judge instructed them, the defendants, to file an answer within 21 days that starts from 30 September 2022.


As per the records, this isn’t the first time that the organisation was in talks about being discriminative about the hiring of fresh candidates. There has been an old case where four female employees made an allegation against the company for preferring Indian-origin males over them.

Let us see what the court will declare once the organisation files its answer and if the situation could be made any better for the employees working there and wishing to become a part.

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