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Good News For Infrequent News Readers! You Are Better At Predicting Viral Content Before Hand (Reasearch)

In case you are wondering, it is not us. It’s the study that claims it!

Being a content creator, it’s actually hard for me to identify which article or video would go viral and which one might not catch the attention of the people.

It’s indeed difficult to predict what people take a liking to on the internet. Because these days, it’s just so trendy to go crazy about anything, be it logical or illogical.

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There could be many reasons we decide to predict something that is not our forte, be it human nature or just to cure boredom. But still we do it and we do it with confidence. Yo!

Well, a survey claims to have found a new way of identifying which content will go viral. Do you want to know what it is?

Here, let’s talk about the most interesting thing that researchers have discovered. This would make you roll your eyes and read this one again. Lol!

I can’t wait to see your reactions!

Researchers have found that those who don’t often read newspapers can predict which content is going to bring storms on the internet.

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Well, If that’s a fact, I am not at all embarrassed to confess that I am an extremely fidgety newspaper reader. Wasn’t proud of it, until I saw this survey. But yes, if this declares me the prophet of viral news, I won’t hide it from the world.*wink*

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By the way, taking it to a serious note, the research further adds that the regular newspaper readers have a lesser tendency to predict which article or video would break the internet next.

The reason is that these frequent readers identify and choose the content according to their own personality traits like goals, personal instincts, and inner drives. On the contrary, people who are loosely in relation with newspapers, never think much and choose randomly.
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Apparently, the infrequent readers don’t pay much attention and throw their weight around everything. They generalize things and take it normally whereas the frequent readers are specific towards each and every aspect to such an extent that they use their brain to the extremity.

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Well, that’s a bit confusing but logical too.

Let me explain it to you. It’s like if a content or video is going viral that means it is exceeding the expectations of the poster. It’s getting more coverage and more visibility than it actually meant to get. There are two possible reasons- the content is extraordinary or perhaps it’s not up to the mark.

Well, if it’s getting viral that means it is breaking its boundaries.

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And if it’s getting viral, probably it is not committed to the typical class of intellectuals who regularly read newspapers. Lol, Got my point! What I mean to say is that there are random people too who make things go viral on the internet. And if we talk about the viral content these days, they are no less than silly videos or stupid discoveries.

By the way! Whatever it may be, I am happy to find out that the non-readers are not utterly useless. And if you are on the same page with me then you should be glad too.

Now you don’t have to behave all poignant and informed about the latest tax slab, instead, you can shout out loud and tell the whole world that you don’t like reading a newspaper every day. I’m sure, if not be filled with pride over this, your parent will at least not stare at you in disappointment.

Just make sure they read this piece. *wink*


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