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14 Life Changing Innovations In The Field Of Healthcare That Happened This Year

There are still four months to go before the year ends and it has already been declared a remarkable year with the most astonishing innovations and discoveries in the field of healthcare.

Let’s have a look at the astounding breakthroughs science have made that can change your life by giant strides:

1. Injection without getting pricked on the skin

I have dreamt of this since I was a kid and every time we were literally dragged to the hospitals for those dreaded pricks on the skin. I am sure you have too.

injection without getting pricked

The magical device called PRIME is soon to hit the market. It uses high pressure, almost as equal to the speed of a commercial plane to deliver the dosage into the bloodstream, without any needling.

2. An artificial Pancreas

Nothing less than a medical boon for the patients of Type 1 Diabetes, the artificial closed-loop insulin delivery system will help deliver an adequate amount of insulin into the body.

artificial pancreas

The mechanism uses computer algorithms to deliver insulin level in the body whenever it is required. Not only will it help the type 1, but it is expected to spread fast among the patients of Type 2 diabetes as well.

3. Ridding yourself of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea making it impossible for you to catch on you much needed sleep?

Although there are devices available to treat sleep apnea, they are not an ideal solution as they affect the sleep and hence, aren’t of much help to the sleeper. This latest device or a patch treats sleep apnea by the method of neuromodulation, i.e, by ensuring open key airways for uninterrupted breathing while sleeping.

sleep apnea Latest Healthcare Breakthroughs

Just wear it while you sleep and that’s it. Best gift for your partner as well.

4. Decrease in bad cholesterol

Bad cholesterol or LDA (Low-density lipoprotein) causes major heart problems in humans. PCSK9 inhibitors are new forms of combination drugs that can reduce the LDL level by 75% resulting in low cardiovascular diseases.

checking cholestrol

Still, in the trial phase, the medicine is no less than an elixir to grant life to heart patients.

5. Human trial on cancer vaccine begins this year

The most dreaded ailment of all is cancer. As of yet, only the initial stages of cancer could be cured via chemotherapy, that too is quite expensive and painful for the patient.

doctor with injection

The researchers at Stanford University have been constantly working towards developing a treatment to completely eradicate the disease. The human trials were announced to begin from February 2018. Indeed, a historical breakthrough in the field of medicine.

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6. Medicinal Contact Lenses

Imagine getting treated while wearing the contact lenses. Theraoptix, discovered by Harvard Medical School, are contact lenses, which upon wearing not only clears your vision but also treats your eyes by slowly releasing the medication.

girl wearing lense

It can cure various ailments including glaucoma.

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7. Now keep a track of your daily diet with this tooth sensor

Tufts University School of Engineering has developed this comprehensive tooth sensor that will monitor your intake of glucose, alcohol and even sodium to keep a track of your daily diet and transfers the data wirelessly.

tooth sensor Latest Healthcare Breakthroughs

Just wear it on your teeth while consuming anything and you would know your exact daily intake. Now, this might help you keep track of your calories better.

8. Improving Human Memory

Although this is not the first “Pacemaker” to target the diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, this newly developed device, holds promises for deep-brain stimulation generated by electrical pulses.


It boasts about improving the human memory by up to 15%.

9. Possibility of a face re-implantation

An experiment around 10 years back had failed on face transplant, but a recent experiment done by a French surgeon proves that face re-implantation is a possibility and we still have miles to go before we find a successful methodology to perform this surgery.

face reimplanatation

But it isn’t impossible. Consider this the first step towards this landmark innovation.

10. Cycling boosts T-cell production

Leading a sedentary lifestyle may cause numerous problems for us. A study done on the elderly cyclists have shown to boost T-cell production, an ultimate protection of the immune system.

woman happy cycling

Cycling daily can make a 50+ person as healthy as a 20-year-old.

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11. Birth control Pills of Men

We all know how birth-control pills adversely affect the health of women who already have a lot going on inside their anomalies. One pill less might mean a healthier woman.

guy eating pill

This pill made for male consumption will lower the testosterone levels and halt sperm production. The pill needs to be taken once a day for effective results. Still, at the trial stage, this one needs more research before it hits the markets. 

12. Faster Post surgery recovery

Recovery after a draining surgery is a difficult phase with constant painkillers swallowing and remaining weak for several weeks, sometimes months.

two women discussing

A new protocol called the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) consists of various procedures to speed up the recovery process, including alternates of pain-killers and nutrition plans.

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13. Insulin Pill finally on its way

The painful and cumbersome process of taking insulin shots daily is a usual way of life for Type 1 diabetes patients. There have been numerous efforts in creating a pill to do the same, but these pills wane off when encountering gastric acid or enzymes in the body.

Latest Healthcare Breakthroughs

The specialists at Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences in Cambridge, have developed one such pill that may now be successful in eradicating injections entirely.

14. Tea Tree Oil more effective than antibiotics In fighting infections

Tea Tree oils are nothing, but plant compounds, known as plant Secondary Metabolites (PSM) and play no big part in the survival of a plant. However, for us, they work way better than an antibiotic, which wears off after several uses as the bugs become resilient to its effect. Also, they cause other major diseases lying around in the human bloodstream.

tea tree oil

Turning PSM into solid form from their natural liquid stage was the biggest hurdle until now.

Researchers have now found a way to change the state of the compound to make coatings for medical devices. We have been using tea-tree oils for various reasons in India already.

We are hoping these scientific revolutions will enhance and improve the quality of life for us all.


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