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INS Vikrant, First Made In India Aircraft Carrier, To Be Tasked Today

INS Vikrant, the largest ever Warship Aircraft Carrier constructed under Made In India government programme, is to be formally entrusted and tasked today. Our Warship, which weighs 45,000 tonnes, built with a budget of ₹20,000 Cr, has gone under several trials during a year. The performance of the Carrier is tested for a whole year before entrusting it to the forces.

INS Vikrant, First Made In India Aircraft Carrier

Here Are The 10 Big Updates Regarding INS Vikrant Home-Built Aircraft Carrier:

At Cochin Shipyard, by PM Narendra Modi, INS Vikrant is ready to be commissioned today. The PM will also unveil the new Naval Ensign ( a flag flown by a ship to represent its nationality ). The Navy also has said earlier that, “the new insignia will be befitting the rich Indian maritime heritage”.

INS Vikrant is the largest warship ever built in India with incredible specs, such as being 262m long and 62m wide. Including MiG-29K fighter jets and helicopters, this home-built Warship can travel with 30 aircraft on board. Moreover, this carrier can house nearly 1,600 crew members.

At first, INS Vikrant will carry MiG fighters and a few choppers. “The Navy is in the process of procuring 26 deck-based aircraft, having narrowed down to some Boeing and Dassault aircraft,” mentioned NDTV.

Vikrant was under construction for over a decade, and it was under sea trials for a whole year during which multiple performance tests were executed, beginning in August 2021. Aviation trials will begin once the Navy has the ship under its command.

“At present, India has only one aircraft carrier, INS Vikramaditya, which is built on a Russian platform. Defence forces have been seeking three carriers in all – one in spare besides one each for the two main naval fronts, in the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal,” mentioned by NDTV.

INS Vikrant is named as per his ancestor, which played a very crucial role in the 1971 War against Pakistan for the freedom of Bangladesh.

With home-built INS Vikrant, India entered the list of special classes of nations like “The US, UK, Russia, China and France,” which can design its Aircraft carrier and build it.

“The Indian Navy sees the new warship as a key addition to its arsenal. India can now deploy an aircraft carrier on both its eastern and western seaboards and expand its maritime presence”, mentioned NDTV.

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“China has been aggressively expanding its strength at sea. Recent satellite images sourced by NDTV indicate that China’s naval base in Djibouti, on the Horn of Africa, is now fully operational and supports warships deployed in the Indian Ocean region. India was also worried recently when a Chinese “spy” ship docked in Sri Lanka,” further wrote.

Currently, the Indian Navy fleet includes one Aircraft Carrier, 10 destroyers, 12 frigates and 20 corvettes.

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