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Inside Gaurav Kapur And Kirat Bhattal’s Den Of Peace, Life And Lots Of Light

Home is one place where you can just be yourself for it motivates you to reek out the unmasked side of you. It delivers a motherly lap like comfort. And the cricket guy, Gaurav Kapur, and his lovely wife Kirat Bhattal’s living space is a sheer example of the same. 

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Located in Mumbai, Gaurav and Kirat’s home allows much light and wide balcony, both, for the lovely couple and the plants they adore.  

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Showcased in its third season of Where The Heart Is, by Asian paints, it is beautiful to see how the house inspires them to take a trip down a memory lane as it entails memories of them etched around frames hung all on the walls.

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Allowing light to caresses their vicinity, Gaurav recalls his love for neutral surroundings, that doesn’t overwhelm, seated in a living space that has sofas to complement the cream coloured walls and dark artifacts collected from across the world.

The idea of open space, to avoid cluttering, allows room for a large closet for Kirat’s shoes, and a dining table that overlooks Mumbai. And off course, not to forget, the refrigerators magnets they together have been collecting from their trips are nothing less than adorable.

The den, which Gaurav excitingly talks about is the exact place I would have liked to be seated at while writing this article for you. It has an abundance of light, besides books, TV, video games and surely a comfortable couch.

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Introducing us with the heart of the house that the bedroom is, Kirat recalls them adjoining the two bedrooms, to one to allow extra space for the couple. This is one place Kirat likes to be the most while Gaurav can’t let go of his chair in the living area.

Opposite to Gaurav’s mood on the screen, his home showcase a calm and composed side of him. Although opposite in their personalities, their home reflects the harmony with which they co-exist and compromise.

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