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Inside Pictures Of Hagia Sophia, The Iconic UNESCO Museum Converted Into A Mosque In Turkey

The Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on Friday, said that the Hagia Sophia, one of the world’s most beautiful architectural creations, would be reopened for Muslim worship and converted into a mosque.

inside pictures of hagia sophia
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The decision has left the Christain community angry as the UNESCO site in Istanbul was first constructed as a cathedral in the Christian Byzantine Empire but was converted into a mosque after the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople in 1453.

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The Council of State, Turkey’s highest administrative court, unanimously cancelled a 1934 cabinet decision to turn it into a museum. The cabinet asserted that Hagia Sophia was registered as a mosque in its property deeds. The Hagia Mosque has been a museum since 1935 welcoming people of all faiths from around the world.

inside pictures of hagia sophia
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The decision has not only spewed anger against Turkey from not only the Christian community but also UNESCO.

While that is a different story altogether, but it doesn’t take away the fact the wonderful creation that Hagia Sophia is. And the pictures of its interior say it all. Have a look.
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<a href=httpswwwgooglecomurlsa=iurl=https3A2F2Fhavecamerawilltravelcom2Fplaces2Fhagia sophia istanbul turkey aya sofya2Fpsig=AOvVaw3VcsLbE8EYb9wQac77wu5Zust=1594531522890000source=imagescd=vfeved=0CA0QjhxqFwoTCMCl5vq9xOoCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAd>Source<a>

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inside pictures of hagia sophia
<a href=httpswwwgooglecomurlsa=iurl=https3A2F2Fwwwericdemerscom2Fthe interior of hagia sophia2F3Flang3Denpsig=AOvVaw3VcsLbE8EYb9wQac77wu5Zust=1594531522890000source=imagescd=vfeved=0CA0QjhxqFwoTCMCl5vq9xOoCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAj>Source<a>

turkey mosque
<a href=httpswwwgooglecomurlsa=iurl=https3A2F2Fwwwflickrcom2Fphotos2Fbmorlok2F7654081988psig=AOvVaw3VcsLbE8EYb9wQac77wu5Zust=1594531522890000source=imagescd=vfeved=0CA0QjhxqFwoTCMCl5vq9xOoCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAp>Source<a>

<a href=httpswwwgooglecomurlsa=iurl=https3A2F2Fwwwcontemporarynomadcom2Fhagia sophia2Fpsig=AOvVaw3VcsLbE8EYb9wQac77wu5Zust=1594531522890000source=imagescd=vfeved=0CA0QjhxqFwoTCMCl5vq9xOoCFQAAAAAdAAAAABA1>Source<a>

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turkey mosque
<a href=httpswwwgooglecomurlsa=iurl=https3A2F2Fwwwmiddleeastmonitorcom2F20200611 russia church reject turkeys hagia sophia mosque conversion plans2Fpsig=AOvVaw2jCHyFWOHg2eBWrl xlyI4ust=1594532844541000source=imagescd=vfeved=0CA0QjhxqFwoTCMDBsPW xOoCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAU>Source<a>

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turkey mosque
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People in Turkey have always wanted Hagia Sophia to be reopened as a mosque. But that fact that it was first constructed as a cathedral shouldn’t be ignored as it can ignite community rivalry among people of differnet faiths.

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