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Decoded: Why Do You Double Tap (Like) On Hot Instagram Pictures?

Surfing Instagram is one of the everyday rituals for everyone.

People scroll down numerous pictures and mindlessly double tap to like the photo as well. I bet you have done that too. Maybe it was a cat video or a hot Instagram model, you really don’t care.

Are hot Instagram pictures really that HOT?

Most of the pictures already have millions of likes and you know that one like isn’t really going to make any difference. But you end up liking it anyway, right? Ever thought why do you do that?

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Most think that it is not a big deal and all you do is ‘double tap’ on pictures. But ask yourself this question when you like a picture of a hot model,’Is the image really that hot?’. I am sure that the answer would be a ‘NO’.

According to HuffPost, It’s like a herd mentality thing. In an interview to HuffPost, a YouTuber said, ‘I feel like people see a massive amount of other people doing something and subconsciously think, ‘I want to be a part of this because other people are.’

Simply put, you are a part of a social herd. It gives you the urge to like someone’s picture because you want to belong in that group.

The science behind liking Instagram pictures

Psychologically, you are driven to form cohesive social groups followed by developing a self-identity. It can be related back to the basic study of group behavior.

‘Social tribalism’ is the term associated with this psychology. Strangely, it reflects a lot in your choices that range from religion to political likes, residence options and even social status in the long run.

Moreover, you always tend to like attractive people. You have always been fed with the idea of associating likeness towards something that others deem beautiful. You might not personally like specific models. But because others are liking it, you will have to like it too.

It’s more like a herd-driven mind that runs according to other’s choices. Also, it gives you the feeling of being close to big names. If your comment appears on top of a celebs page, you are bound to feel happy about it. Also, it allows you to meet others who have the same likeness towards a celeb.

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It works as a confidence booster

Without realizing, you give yourself a confidence booster while liking a random Instagram picture. The reason behind this is the need to belong in a bigger group where you can have a voice.

The pictures serve as an excellent platform to initiate conversation with strangers. Some even end up becoming friends. And that helps boost the performance of a person in the real world. Though, for some, it’s just a place to imagine social togetherness. Because in reality, they have none.

It has an effect on social belonging that makes you confident.

The negative effects Instagram likes

Though, there can be negative effects of random Instagram likes. It only happens when you start getting demotivated and compare your mundane lives with those of the stars. This bound to happen after a while.

Most of you dream to be on a yacht like Zack Effron or have millions of fans like Paris Hilton. But you know the ground reality. This sensation of not having enough tends to ruin the sense of happiness within you.

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Give it a break

Having said that, no one is suggesting that you stop surfing Instagram. It’s just that you need to hold on to the ground reality. So that you don’t drift far off from real life. You have a real life and you don’t need to compare it with anyone no matter how classy it looks.

Like those pictures after every once in a while. Try to interact with real people than with someone who is not even in the same country as yours.

Keep Instagram likes in the limit, it will give you more room to be happy!!

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