Instagram Wants You To Spend More Time On App By This Change!

Instagram has made a swift move where it wants you to spend more time on the app. Earlier users had the ability to limit their app usage to less than 10 minutes. This was brought by Instagram because the company considered user-defined limit for Instagram.

The users wanted to limit their daily usage to as low as 15 and 10 minutes which got approved by the app. It was a very big PR push by it as it wanted the world to know that company wants users to be mindful about how they use social media platforms. The company wanted to show concern about social media addiction that people are suffering from in the world. The report was given by Tech Crunch first.

The latest update of Instagram allows the users to have the menu card to set daily time limit and decide after how long the pop up should come on the screen to tell you about daily limit. The minimum time that you can set in the new update is 30 minutes. The maximum limit that you will see in the menu is 3 hours which is a very long time given that company was concerned over social media addiction.

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The daily limit feature was first introduced by the Meta owned Instagram in 2018. You could set a daily time limit and used to get reminder as soon as you hit your daily limit. This feature was phenomenal for people who wanted to have a control on how much social media application they used in a day. When the feature was launched the users could set daily limit to as low as 5 minutes.

But you cannot select such low time limits anymore. The popup that you will get now will say that user can keep existing time limit but an additional pop up says that 10 minute daily limit is not available anymore. The new daily limits that will be available to users will be 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, 120 minutes and 180 minutes. Only few months back Instagram introduced Take A Break feature that sent reminders to people if they were using the app for a very long time. Due to this feature the quarterly earnings of the app went down drastically which led to such a swift change in the feature by the Meta owned Instagram. Beware and do not get tricked in using Instagram more and set your limits for the day.

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