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Make Your House Instagram Worthy By Using These 5 Simple Tips

Instagram, a place full of pictures craving millions of likes.

But the place where the picture is clicked matter the most, right? If you want to capture a cool sunset, there must be a beautiful balcony or a beautiful beach in the background. Sadly, it’s not possible to always travel. That doesn’t mean you can’t turn your own house into a fab looking studio.

Don’t worry, there isn’t much effort required as these 5 simple tips can make your house Instagram worthy without much expense.

1. Statement wall that reflects your personality

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This is a one-time investment. Go for a bold and bright pattern or a dark and classy theme while you paint your walls. If you are a painter, you can even constantly keep updating the statement wall as you paint on it. Choose specific colors and items to place on the wall if you don’t want to paint it.

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Go for posters that reflect your personality. Cover an entire wall with poster and paintings that portray your personality. You can even put up flags and maps, sketches and craft on your wall. All this will not only be unique, but it will be a reflection of yourself on the wall. You can even make two statement walls if one is not enough.

Put up your travel souvenirs, coins which will show your travel diary. Doing this will make your house Instagram worthy and the pictures you click against this background will be amazing.

2. Plants and greens

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Hanging plants, indoor plants, a balcony garden, and even a kitchen garden will add extra beauty to your house. Choose the air purifying plants and put them indoors. You can go for insect repellent plants in your balcony so that they keep bugs and crawlies away.

Doing this will not only make your house Instagram worthy but also keep the air around you clean. Apart from the beauty it adds, it is scientifically proven that you are happy around nature. So, instead of buying an expensive ouch to pose on, invest ob some plants to beautify your house.

It will always be a good idea to add flowers and sweet smelling herbs a sit would give you pleasant smelling home.

3. Handpicked earthen decor and flowers

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You don’t need to buy expensive paintings and carved wooden statues to make your house look elegant. Even earthen pottery will bring the delicate charm if paired up with flowers. Pick some of the earthen vessels, bowl, wind chimes, candle holders, and even jars.

You can paint them if you want or leave them as it is. Use these pottery items for decorating your lobby areas. Fill water and fresh flower petals for a beautiful atmosphere. It will add earthy charm to the place and when you pose in front of it, your pictures will naturally look beautiful.

The best part is you don’t have to spend thousand for making your house Instagram worthy.

4. Candles and antique holders

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Candle adds a beautiful drama to the house, no matter what kind it is. Keep candles in stock. If you feel like making candles, go for it. Light lots of candles and pair them up with antique candle holders. You can even make candle holders out of twigs and beads.

Pick up rocks and stones if you visit a riverside and glue them around a plain glass candle holder. It will add a more authentic feel to the candle theme. When you host dinner parties or meditate in the evening, light them up.

Try to pair it up with flowers if you want as candles and flowers also go hand in hand.

5. Tribal and colorful prints

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As I mentioned earlier, any bright color makes the place look beautiful. Use this to change the look and feel of your house. Choose bright and tribal printed bedsheets, pillow covers and cushion covers. Use vibrant patterns for curtains.

You can even put up bedsheets on the wall as posters. If you don’t like too much color, you can go for pastel and net themed curtains and bedsheet that will add elegance and make your house look beautiful.

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Use colors like blue, orange, green and reds if you want your house to pop out when you click Instagram pictures at your place.

In Conclusion:

These easy and simple tips will make your house Instagram worthy. Most of the things mentioned in the list will also end up uplifting your mood and make you want to click more and more.

Apart from this, it will also keep you happy when you are home even when you are not thinking to click pictures. 

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