⚠️ Phone Number Chori Ke Case Pahuche Lakhon Mein, Save Yourself From SIM Swapping Fraud

Nowadays, SIM Cards are the key to many doors of our financial system. Users log into every app, website, and other crucial systems, including internet banking, through their mobile numbers. It has become an integral part of our daily life. On every online platform, either your phone number or email ID is used as an identity proof to get access.

And these are the only reasons why scammers now swap SIM cards to execute financial fraud and identity theft. The number of SIM swapping cases has been increasing substantially. This happens because scammers can get protected OTPs by swapping SIM Cards from your number to defraud you.

What Exactly is SIM Swapping?

SIM Swapping is the perfect example of identity theft. It is like cloning your number to receive the protected security codes. With your number, they get access to various platforms, including your bank portals and extort money from you, your friends and family members. In addition to financial scams, they can even take control of your social media accounts and use them for crime.

Intense Rise in SIM Swapping

How to Protect Your SIM Card from Swapping?

With everything being accessed with the OTP verification method, there is a great need to protect your SIM Card from swapping or any other forms of scams. Once the scammers get access, they dry you out of every platform, including your banking platforms, which means financial harm.

Here are the four effective ways to save yourself from SIM Card swapping:

1. Eradicate the Availability of Essential Documents Online

Scammers generally collect your personal information and find ways to get the essential information of your documents like Aadhaar and PAN. After this, they apply for a duplicate SIM Card with a method that bypasses biometric verification to get your SIM. So, be careful while sharing your essential documents on various online platforms. Look for the swapping signs that also include losing connectivity on your mobile phone. If you are not able to make or get calls or messages, then it is possible your SIM Card is swapped.

2. Learn About Smishing and Phishing

Smishing and Phishing are like the tag team champions of hacking. They work by sending you fake links that look like they’re from your bank or some important place. These links trick you into giving away personal info through forms. Sometimes, the hackers might trick you into installing harmless-looking apps that secretly let them control your phone from far away.

In this situation, the bad guys can mess with your phone and SIM card without actually having to touch the physical SIM card. They’re like digital puppet masters pulling the strings without even getting close to your SIM card.

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3. Learn to Prevent SIM Swapping

If you lose your phone or SIM card, tell your network provider ASAP to block the SIM card. Get a new one quickly. It’s against the rules to have two SIM cards with the same number, so scammers can’t mess with yours.

4. Use eSIMs

If your phone can use eSIM, switching from a regular SIM card adds an extra layer of protection. It’s really hard for someone to mess with your eSIM without unlocking your phone. So, even if your phone gets swiped, your SIM stays safe from tricky stuff.

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