Interesting Start-Ups and Small Businesses to Watch Out For This Year

The rapid technological progress affected us as individuals, our culture, society, and the business sector. With technologies that change the way we see the future like Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Augmentative Reality, we are witnessing a new generation of companies that go one step further and push the boundaries of what we thought possible. Below you will find our list of most innovative startups and businesses. 

A Gaming Start-Up – HeadInfotech

Headinfortech was founded in 2005 and has accumulated funding of $ 75 million. This is an online gaming platform and product development company. It offers an online skill-based casual card gaming platform along with social, networking features. After November 2017, it has attracted more than 8 million users on its platforms. The company was one of the first companies to launch Indian card games like Rummy FreeCell in the gaming market. Their games are available for both Android and iOS devices. 

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Online Investment Platform – Groww 


Groww is one of the most innovative startups in India. It is an online investment platform that offers investment vehicles like mutual funds to Millenials and first-time investors. You can also learn more about managing personal finances on their website. On the same platforms, investors can make an account and transact in mutual funds online.

Online Gambling Company – Dreamz 

The Indian casino offers a variety of casino games like live blackjack that can be accessed both from mobile and desktop devices. Despite being active for the past couple of years, the gambling establishment prides itself on being the happiest casino online and has attracted thousands of players around the world. You can see the selection of games and read more about the company on their site.

Textile Company – Seljak Brand

This Australian company produces recycled wool blankets using offcuts for factories in Tasmania. It is driven by sustainable goals because the blankets are made from recycled merino wool and blend of polyester. On the one side, the company is supporting animal welfare by using recycled wool, and on the other side, it helps to minimize its waste in production, by using old wool blankets. They also offer the option to collect your old blanket free of charge, where again the wool will be used for recycling.

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Health & Wellness Company – Basis

The basis is an American company located in San Francisco that offers a wrist-based health tracker. The health tracker enables users to stay on track with their health routines and also see their data on an online personal dashboard. The company is also a pioneer of helping people improve their mental health with the new Basis app, where you can schedule an appointment with a counselor to help you specifically with your set of problems and guide you through a plan customized for you.

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