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16 Of The Best Interior Design Trends 2019 You Need To Follow Already

2019 is here.

With new resolutions and new styling tips already out, you must have readied your shopping list. But, do you know, how you are going to rock the Interior Design Trends 2019? If not, don’t worry. Here is the guide that will solve all your doubts.

Interior Design Trends 2019

First things first. 2019 is not going to a cliched year in terms of its design choices. From florals to maximalist art and boho paintings to bold patterns, it’s a wide range for you to pick from. This year, everything is going to be over the top. Be it the wall décor of the serenity of having a lot of greens inside your house.

Take a look at 16 of the best Interior Design Trends 2019. Take inspiration from this and trust me, you would love the new look of your house. Just take your pick-

1. Sustainable décor should be your agenda

interior design trends 2019

This year, you should focus on being sustainable with your trend choices. Think before buying and also pay heed to the material it is made out from. Don’t just buy things because you can. Go for suitable options which you can personally relate to. Things from your past or some craft that you can make yourself.

It will just provide you with the feeling of home, that will be the foundation for your decor.

2. Keep nature close to you

interior design trends 2019

Go green this year with Interior Design Trends 2019. don’t worry about buying expensive indoor plants and do it yourself. Get those hands dirty with soil and plants to cover your house with the fresh smell of nature. You can use hanging pots or wall strip to make your house look brighter and greener.

Also, keeping plants indoors will give you access to fresher and pollution free air.

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3. Opt primary colors and graphics

interior design trends 2019

Primary colors might not be everyone’s go-to choice, but this year the trend of such colors is in. Paint your walls with primary tones and give them a contrast with some cool graphic designs to complete the look. This will give your house the midcentury modern look and also enhance the beauty of your existing house decor.

After all, the color of your wall matters a lot.

4. Feminine blush and bronze

interior design trends 2019

Feminine blushes, pinks, pastels, and bronze will be loved by all. This is backed up by the ability of feminine tones which is said to transform a tired looking room into something that oozes out relaxing vibes. And you need to get exactly that kind of vibe when you get back from a tiring day at work.

This is going to be your rejuvenation chamber which will work effectively in brightening up your mood. Try it.

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5. Maximize your art collection

interior design trends 2019

Interior Design Trends 2019 is all about going big or going home. Take out your art collection and put it out for display. In the walls of your bedroom, the living room and even in the dining area. Show it off and buy some more if need be. It is all about going maximalist with your art collection this 2019.

Don’t worry about color contrast, the more the color the merrier the room.

6. Florals are back

interior design trends 2019 7

If you love wearing florals, I am sure you will love them on your walls too. Get floral wallpapers and transform your walls. You can choose basic floral patterns or even go ballistic with abstract floral patterns if you want to. No one is going to judge you for that. This year, it’s about you and your florals.

Floral drapes and curtains are something you can experiment with if you feel like. The choice is yours.

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7. Colors that pop with an edge

interior design trends 2019 7

If you aren’t one of those, who love to live their life on the edge, this trend is tailored for you. Just like your personality that pops out, you can go for vibrant colors that stand out against a white backdrop. Go for colors like emerald green, bold indigo or even pastels shades that are rich.

Create a drama that suits you. You can even put it accessories and rugs that have bold and bright colors if you want.

8. Go for patterns

interior design trends 2019 7

Unlike regular paints, Interior Design Trends 2019 has brought back the love for patterns. From bold patterns on tiles to graphics, you can pop your kitchen with the right amount of colors and combinations. The old monochrome kitchen will be a talk of the past and you need to work with the modern color patterns.

This way you can blow some extra life in your kitchen as well as the dining area.

9. If it’s Handmade, pick it

interior design trends 2019 7

Apart from the existing decor items that you have in your possession, this year is about going on a handmade hunt. You have a wide variety of options available when it comes to handmade things. Pick up things made out of organic materials, clay, bamboo, jute.

Use ropes to add tha extra earthy touch and transform your house into a modern chic residence by doing the bare minimum.

10. Acrylics furniture is chic

interior design trends 2019 7

Acrylics have a kind of subtlety and magic in them. It offers the architectural structure to your room without really taking up much space. Moreover, it doesn’t make your room look cluttered. Just keep a hold on the number of items you put in one room. Don’t make a heap of furniture and buy only what you really need.

If you won’t use it, don’t buy and stock it for later.

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11. Bohemian art it is

interior design trends 2019 7

If you are a fan of Boho art, you will love Interior Design Trends 2019. Now is the time when you can replace those one tone paintings with something that more color popping and eye-catching. Those bohemian patterned sheets with the modern twist are something you would want to go for this year.

Forget the old boho prints and choose something that is cleaner and brighter.

12. Don’t put brass everywhere

interior design trends 2019 7

Do you like brass accessories? If yes, Interior Design Trends 2019 might give you the exact guidelines for your brass selections. This 2019, you can play with brass. Just don’t overdo it. Make sure you keep it balanced. If you choose a brass framed chair, shift the brass framed bed to some other room or vice versa.

Too much brass in one room will kill the chic vibe and make your house look like a hotel room.

13. Bold colored walls

interior design trends 2019 7

Moody dark green, bold indigo, matte magenta or eccentric blue, you can choose any eye-popping color and paint it across your walls. Interior Design Trends 2019 speaks of getting some adventure into your life. Pick your favorite color and choose the boldest and brightest shade to add that missing fun in your life.

After all who doesn’t like some drama in their lives?

14. Wooden floors are the new love

interior design trends 2019 7

The love for woods is something that just doesn’t go out of trend. Obviously, all you need to do is play with a little wood and create your own masterpieces. All you need to do is, go for the light colored wooden furniture or floors. You can go for a birch shade, lighter shades of oak or a beachy white finish to make the room look comfortable and casual.

Just keep it to the minimal.

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15. Dark countertops in kitchen

interior design trends 2019 7

The time for boring white and cream kitchen countertops is gone. This year, it is going to be dark everywhere. Darker and warmer shades will be in demand and if you still have that old marble countertop, maybe it’s time to go for a darker shade and replace them once and for all. You can choose anything that contrasts with your kitchen walls.

A dark green hue or a dash of burgundy would look good.

16. Black is bold

interior design trends 2019 7

There is no denying the fact that ‘Black is the most beautiful of all’. And it is also classy as well. If you are a real fan of drama and bold beauty, it’s time to go all black. If it’s too much to transform your room in black, you can start by converting your bathroom. The best way to get a chic high 0end experience is going all black.

You will yourself feel the difference when you make your lavatory look like a spa.

Take Your Pick

You now know the Interior Design Trends 2019, and I am sure your shopping list already includes a few of the items that I have mentioned above. Now shop till you drop, but keep a hold on buying the right thing in the right amount.

Now go, rock the Interior Design Trends 2019 in your own personal way! 

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