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International Places (Premium & Budget) Women Can Go Solo-Backpacking From India

Solo travelling has always been an intriguing and tempting retreat from daily hassles for the nomads at heart. In case of men, solo-travels have been age-old and adventurous, but for women, solo-backpacking has been an issue of safety and even a taboo up until some years back.

Well, not anymore. With the improvement in the lifestyle of women travelers, supportive partners and with so many options now open and safer than before, women solo-backpackers are trending. Yes, I say trending because the hobby is spreading among women like fire in the jungle.

So Amigas, why should boys have all the fun? Right?

Here are some great destinations – both luxury and economic, for solo-female backpackers and excursionists:

Traveling Alone to indulge in luxury?

Your favorites are the places where you can shop and splurge or maybe let loose and get lost in a foreign culture where no one gives a damn about you. Then, these are the finest places on earth, you must vacation in at least once.


Greece solo travelling girl

Greece is a country of Goddesses and vivacious women who carry the torch of female equality. There is no place safer on earth than Greece for solo-female travelers.

Check out Athens for Magnificent food and finest wines, know the life women of Greece relish. Even the Grandmas can be found indulging in drinking and flirting with young boys in all night festivals. Live a summer of indulgent drinking and dancing at the beautiful city and binge to your heart’s content.

2) Seoul


Are you obsessed with your own beauty? Do you want to stay pretty always? Then this is the place for you. A spa-paradise, Seoul in South Korea is abundantly crowded with spas and beauty products.

Brightly ignited streets and full of pedestrians, Seoul is the city safe for solo-women travelers by all standards. Enjoy the Korean spas and pamper your body with the indulgence of the most lavish makeup and skin care.

3) Scotland

Much sought after Scotland is a haven for solo-female travelers with a fling with drinking and dining solo. Try the very best lagers and Scottish whiskies to keep you company while you admire the vast highlands and architecture as old as time itself. Don’t forget to visit the isles famous for exquisite drams around the Edinburgh and enjoy the haunted castles around the capital.

For peace seekers, Scotland has enough nature amidst which they can escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Frankly, all you would need is a bonfire, good food and a backpacking chair to make the moment and the trip a memorable one. 

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4) Ice land


Literally opposite to its name, Iceland is a super-hot destination for solo-traveling females looking for some indulgence. The famous Nordic Island is a hot-spot and female-friendly zone, with the northern lights to keep you company while you soak in a hot pool.

Eat at women-run cafes and take in the introspective long drives in luxury cars with your favorite playlist on the go.

5) Costa Rica

Solo girl travelling costa rica

Did you know the adventure travel concept was conceived in Costa Rica? Also, Costa Rica being first in the ranking of the world’s happiest country, is considered very safe for female solo-travelers.

Situated in Central America, it’s one of the most sort-after destinations for surfing on the Pacific coasts. If you enjoy surfing, this is a go-to place for you.

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6) Netherlands


Called the solo traveler’s Disneyland, Netherlands is extremely tourist friendly and a dream world for shoppers. Shop in Amsterdam for those labels you have been wanting to buy and enjoy the bike tours around the city.

7) New York

Solo girl travelling new york

Those who love to be lost in the sea of millions of people for a couple of days, New York will be happy to offer you just that.Just stumbled upon an inheritance left by your grandma? What better place to splurge in labels, and spas, and foods and drinks at the richest city in the world.

Ride the subways, walk the streets, or dine in fine-dining restaurants, it will be an experience of its own kind.

8) Marfa, Texas


This west Texas town is nearly a six-hour drive from Austin, if you are a fan of long highway drives, you are bound to enjoy it immensely. With its unending terrains of desert, starry skies and, sumptuous food, Marfa is an ideal destination for female solo-travelers who want to reach to far off places, away from daily routines and admire quiet and peace.

You will be surprised to find a Prada store that’s a piece of art frozen with handbags and shoes from 2005. Do explore the landscape by renting a bike.

Traveling alone with a low budget?

Check These Awesome Destinations out that will swell up your heart without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Bolivia

Solo girl travelling bolivia

Although Bolivia is in Europe , which is not exactly a pocket-friendly destination, those who love to explore Europe, would love this place. It is relatively very cheaper than other much-explored cities of Europe. Food and travelling are quite affordable and it has an amazing array of hiking and biking trips solo-backpackers are crazy about.

Did you know Bolivia is on the Lonely Planet list of 2018, that makes it intriguing to explore and a must visit place.

2) Malaysia


Malaysia is the most welcoming part of the world for solo-backpackers, especially women. There are always festivals happening and crowd gathering to celebrate something or the other.

For wild-life crazy nomads and food addicts, this place is nothing less than a heaven. And most affordable at that. What more could you ask for?

3) Mongolia

Solo girl travelling Mongolia

Blessed with incredible landscapes and picturesque backdrops, Mongolia is a place still unexplored by many. And that’s exactly why it should be on your list. If you love horse-riding, you will get plenty opportunities to enjoy the serene beauty of this place on horseback and on a four-wheeler.

Solo-backpackers too travel in groups, which makes it safe and cheap. Opportunity to make friends from all over the world in the lap of nature, I would say.

4) Taiwan


The capital city of Taiwan, Taipei, is a wondrous place for solo- female backpackers. It’s safe, vibrant and an ideal destination for night dwellers who love to explore the night markets.

Within a stipulated budget, you can enjoy great food culture and even the company of other solo travelers here.

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5) Uruguay

solo girl travelling Uruguay

Uruguay, a small hidden wonder in South America, is the coolest place ever. Gay marriages are legal here, so you can calculate how safe this country must be.

You will find good accommodations, food and travelling quite cheaper. A safe haven for solo-female travelers.

6) Dublin


Although European cities are relatively expensive for travelers but Dublin in Ireland is one of the cheapest ones. If you are hell-bent on exploring a part of Europe, this one is for you.

Of course, there isn’t any place safer and full of Irish warmth than Ireland.

Don’t forget to check out the wildlife at Phoenix Park.

7) Thailand

solo girl travelling thailand

It is not possible that we discuss budget destinations and let Thailand slide by, one of the best budget destinations in Asia.

If you have a crush on beaches and islands, this is the place for you. Tourism-oriented, this place is a heart of solo-backpacking and the safest one for females.

8) Japan


Situated in East Asia, Japan is a country of friendly hosts and cleanest streets. Safe even at night, this is your go-to place if you are a night owl into fine dining and partying.

Transport is cheap and fast, food is out of the world and there’s lots to explore.

The most inviting country in the world with great people.

So, where are you going vacationing this summer? And don’t forget to pack the essentials! 😉


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