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18 Internet Challenges That Went Viral And Took Lives Of People In Heinous & Mysterious Ways

It’s the age of online games and new challenges.

Every now and then some deadly challenge or trend surfaces on social platforms. And people across the globe practically lose their shit over it. This really happens so often, you will be surprised.

Ever since the internet has replaced a virtual limb of humankind, people just can’t breathe without their smartphones. And when you have smartphones, you keep yourself updated by following the latest trend. Sadly, several of these ‘So-called’ challenges and trends have managed to injure and claim innocent lives.

Here we share the 17 internet challenges that should have never been played-

1. Tide pod challenge

Whoever thought eating detergent was a delicious idea, needs to get their brains checked. That’s what this challenge is about. It requires you to eat detergent pods to complete a dare. And guess what happens when you eat detergent, you fall sick with food poisoning.

2. Fire Challenge

Yet another dangerously deadly challenge. To complete this challenge, you have to pour rubbing alcohol on your body and light it on fire. Once you are on fire, you need to rush to the nearest water body to extinguish it while filming the entire scene. Like seriously? How little does human life mean?

3. Cinnamon Challenge

All you need is a spoonful of cinnamon powder. You need to eat the powder and swallow it within 60 seconds, without water. Sounds easy? Well, in reality, cinnamon isn’t as easy to swallow at all. The powder gets stuck inside the mouth and into the food pipe which can choke you to death.

4. Choking Game

Why on earth would someone even try this challenge which requires you to choke someone? And hey, that someone is you. You have to do the same to the person standing in front of you. Whoever passes out first loses the challenge and sometimes even lives. Go figure?

5. Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

Do you know about this latest beauty trend? You take a plastic bottle, put your lips inside the opening and suck air. What does this do? It ruptures the blood vessels of your lips and makes them swell to twice or maybe thrice the original size. That’s that. No comments, man.

6. Hot Water Challenge

Internet challenges that went viral

So, someone thought that it would be really cool to throw boiling hot water to wake a sleeping person. And yeah, no matter how idiotic this sounds, people went crazy for this challenge too. Obviously, it led to serious burns and a trip to the hospital for many folks.

7. Neknomination

A drinking game where people film themselves drinking a pint of beer or a bottle of whiskey and upload it online. They then nominate two others to do the same stunt. People have died from this challenge after trying to one-up each other by drinking large amounts of liquor and doing crazy stunts.

8. The Duct Tape Challenge

This game is played by tying someone to a pole or a wall with duct tape. Lots of duct tape. And then the person tries to break free. People have hit walls, broken bones in the attempt to free themselves. And apparently, that is fun. Or is it? Heights of stupidity.

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9. The Car Surfing Challenge

It might look cool when the stunt is performed by experts but stupid people have tried doing the same in the name of the challenge. For this, you need to lie flat on the roof of your car which is moving. Yeah, and you need to balance yourself while you are being filmed.

10 The Salt And Ice Challenge

If you love burning your skin, this challenge might pique your interest. All you have to do is you require to put salt on your body, it could be your hand, arm or wherever you wish. Then you need to put ice on it and hold it as long as you can bear the pain. Result? Your skin will have serious frost bites and burns. Why? Why would anyone do that?

11. The Eyeballing Challenge

One of the most stupid challenges. This requires you to pour a shot of neat vodka into your eyes. Naturally, you will feel a super strong stinging which will burn the protective layer of your eyes. It’s the same as pouring bleach into your eyes. What motivation would one have to lose their eyesight? I am exasperated.

12. The Snorting Challenge

Internet challenges that went viral

Snorting itself is scary and it will freak you out when you hear the thing people have snorted in the name of this challenge. Condoms. You heard it right. People have faced serious issues when condoms get stuck in their windpipe and even lungs. God bless the people who tried. Try snorting some brain tissues folks!

13. The Ghost Pepper Challenge

Everyone knows how hot and spicy the ghost pepper is, but then come geniuses who want people to eat this ghastly bomb and film the after effects. Of course, people lose their shit when they consume it, some even vomit and blackout.

14. The Sack Tapping Challenge

The game might appear hilarious to watchers, but for the victim, it is as painful as getting stabbed. Well, the sack here is the ‘testicles’ and that is what is targeted in this game. Ouchh… that ought to bring them to their senses. The performer has to attack a male and tap, punch, kick, twist and turn his sack. That sounds disturbingly painful.

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15. Momo game

You begin your way to this game by talking to a random stranger. Then, you need to fulfill the tasks given by the momo game, which could be self-harm or any other dare the admin can think of. And obviously, in the end, you have to commit suicide or your dear ones might be harmed or killed. That’s the condition of playing the game. I fail to perceive why a sane person would even attempt such an atrocity.

16. Blue Whale game

The admin of this game gives you tasks which you have to complete. In early stages of the game, it will be as easy as watching a horror video but as the stages advance, you need to cut yourself,  carve a blue whale sign on your hand, mutilate your body and in the end, all you need to do is die to win the game. As simple as that. Interested?

17. Knockout Challenge

Internet challenges that went viral

Another cheapo way to get high. One kid inhales and exhales rapidly, causing hyperventilation, then another youth presses against their chest (or punches them) to inhibit airflow, causing the first kid to blackout. Really? Sounds evil.

18. Kiki Challenge

Internet challenges that went viral

Though it didn’t begin as a deadly challenge, it claimed a few lives and injured many in the process. This challenge just requires you to dance on a song ‘In my Feelings’ by Drake, next to a slow moving car. The person inside the car is supposed to record you while you dance. Problems? Well, people have hit the door, ran into poles and even lost their cars and teeth for this performance.

In Conclusion:

These challenges might have caused an ample amount of sensation on the social media, but at the same time have claimed numerous lives. The question is why are people going bonkers over something that they know is going to harm them in one way or the other? Is that what being cool and modern all about?

Its high time that people start differentiating between a dare and a life-harming stunt which is hidden behind the name of a game or challenge. After all, a game is meant to be enjoyed and not dreaded. Right?


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