5 Investment Ideas In India To Plan Your Retirement

Want to know about investment ideas and worried about your funds when you retire?

Well, you are not alone who wants to know about investment ideas. Everybody is worried about their funds, they perform multiple calculations to plan a retirement plan. Planning about your retirement is more than just buying a few retirement plans. You will have to take measures early in your life. Only constant savings can result in a healthy retirement portfolio. Plus the golden rule of investment is that “never invest the money which you can’t afford to lose”. Another most crucial point to note is that, if you don’t have the luxury of a government pension system, then planning different ways to invest for long term goals is essential. Without investing, your savings will become the victim of inflation and with time their value will decrease. Wealth managers suggest that you will need 9-10% returns on your investments to handle the inflation problem.

Worried about your funds when you retire?

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Here are the 5 best investment ideas that one can consider to accomplish his financial goals.

Direct Equity

Investing in stocks can look like a hazard, but according to experienced investors, it might be the best idea to plan your retirement. See deciding the entry and exit points is not easy, choosing the right stock can be tricky and finally to seize your overthinking will be the toughest task. But once you master them all you can become a successful investor. Remember always in the long run between investor and trader, the investor always wins. Consistency and patience both play vital roles to become potential investors. With advanced technology and convenient trading apps, anyone can create a profitable portfolio. The best thing about investing in direct equity is that you can diversify your portfolio and make regular improvisations. Direct equity is the best investment ideas for a trader.

Mutual Funds (Equity)

Investing in mutual funds can be the best idea for the users who do not possess even the basic idea of the share market. Professional fund managers use their skills and experience to manage your mutual fund investments. They handle massive pools of funds, which allows them to minimize the risk and diversify the portfolio. Plus the mutual fund earnings can be tax saving and require low investment amounts. You can start investing in mutual funds for as low as Rs.100.

Bank Fixed Deposit

Investing your money in fixed income plans like Bank Fixed Deposits is considered to be safe rather than investing in mutual funds and direct equity. You get a fixed rate of interest from the bank annually when you invest in FDs. well, this is the best idea you can come up with if you don’t want to bear even the slightest amount of risk.

Public Provident Fund (PPF)

PPF is the retirement savings plan presented by the Government of India. You can invest in this scheme for a long time period of 15 years. The benefit of this scheme is that it does not depend on market volatility. Hence you can invest for risk-free returns in this scheme. You can have the power of compound interest rate. And the interest rate for PPF is inspected by the government on a quarterly basis.


There are numerous benefits of investing in GOLD: your savings are invested against the inflation rate, easy to buy and sell options are available, does not require improvisations and you can pass down it to your next generation.

You can invest in GOLD in many forms like jewellery, coins, gold exchange-traded funds, and many more.

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