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This Invisible Challenge Is Safe To Perform Yet Scary, Find Out What Is This New Sensation

In the world full of challenges and games, every day a new trend is born.

And the latest addition to the era of challenges is truly a fun task, especially when you compare it with the other horrible challenges that claimed the lives of several individuals.

What is this new challenge?

This hilarious challenge is known as the ‘Invisible Challenge’. In simple words, this challenge tricks someone into believing that they are invisible. Yes, you read it right. Invisible.

When did this challenge begin?

This challenge began when two sisters tricked their younger brother into believing that he is invisible. They placed the blanket over him and then pretended that they are casting a spell. After this, they removed the blanket and started pretending that neither of them can see their younger brother anymore.

Further, they even clicked a photo with their phone and showed him that he is not even visible in the picture. Obviously, the young kid was terrified and rushed towards his mom to confirm if he indeed was invisible or not. (lol)

Here are some of the cool videos of this invisible prank:

This prank is one of the wildest pranks and indeed the most entertaining one.

Most of the kids end up crying but trust me its worth.

Even Arabs tried this challenge. But on an adult. (haha)

Netflix inspired this challenge!

The original concept of this whole invisible thing began with the Netflix show, ‘Magic for Humans’. This show apparently has the same concept where a person is tricked into believing that they are invisible after the magician puts a blanket over them and casts a spell.

The video spread like wildfire amongst the Twitterati and now people from across the globe are trying this hilarious prank. Especially on younger siblings.

What do you need for this challenge?

Well, you need a younger sibling, for starters. Next, you need a blanket which you can use to cover the person you are pulling the prank on. And then you need to cast a fake spell to make them believe that they have disappeared.

You just need to click a picture beforehand of the same location that you choose for the disappearing. Once you cast the spell, remove the blanket and act that you can’t see him /her anymore. To make them believe, pretend to click a picture and then show them the old picture of the same location. The freaked out look on your siblings face will make you ROFL. That’s for sure. And Voila, you would have successfully completed the challenge.

In Conclusion:

After so long, for a change, there is an entertaining challenge which is creating sensation across the globe. You should pray that people come up with such hilarious and fun-filled challenges rather than the ones which are absolutely outrageous and insane.

After all, challenges and games should be fun and not life threatening, right?

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