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iPhones and Android Are Coming Up With New Emojis- Check The Full List To Know More

Things are never enough, no matter how many we get! That’s the problem with emojis, which have been the default way to express oneself in text messages and social media since emoticons went out of style. People have been seeking fresh emoji to express themselves in more relevant and quirky ways since then.

That’s why Google just included Emoji Kitchen, a function that combines two emojis to create a fresh new emoji, in Google Search. But, thanks to the Unicode Consortium’s approval of Emoji 15.1, which contains 118 new emojis, new emojis will soon be available to all users, whether on the iPhone or Android.

These new emojis include six completely new ideas, as well as more modification possibilities for current emoji sequences. A Phoenix emoji, a horizontally head-shaking emoji its equivalent vertically head-shaking emoji, a broken chain emoji, and more are among the new emojis.

There are  118 new emojis released in Emoji 15.1 comprising six totally new ideas, four new gender-neutral family emoji combinations, and 108 new direction-specifying variants of six pre-existing people emojis,? Emojipedia wrote in a blog post on the new emojis.

By early next year, these emoticons are scheduled to be available on smartphones and other digital devices. Microsoft and Apple, on the other hand, are notorious for taking months to integrate new emoji support into their applications.

List Of New Emojis Coming

The full list of the new emojis is as follows:

  • Phoenix
  • Lime
  • Brown mushroom
  • Broken Chain
  • Head shaking vertically
  • Head shaking horizontally
  • Family: Adult, Adult, Child
  • Family: Adult, Child, Child
  • Family: Adult, Child
  • Family: Adult, Adult, Child, Child
  • Person Walking Facing Right
  • Person Running Facing Right
  • Person Kneeling Facing Right
  • Person with a White Cane Facing the Right
  • Person in Manual Wheelchair Facing Right
  • Person in Motorized Wheelchair Facing the Right

Each of these new direction-specific people emojis supports the standard gender and skin tone variation sequences, bringing the total number of new direction-specific people emoji designs in Emoji 15.1 to 108.

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