iPhone’s Lockdown Mode: What Is This New Mode And How To Protect Yourself From The Cyberattacks

No smartphone is too perfect! With increased awareness of spyware, malware, and phishing attacks, it’s more crucial than ever to keep an eye out for malicious actors attempting to access your phone.

Apple has launched a new function to protect your data in the event of a sophisticated hack. Have you ever wondered what the iPhone’s Lockdown Mode performs and how to activate it? 

Lockdown Mode is now accessible on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) running iOS 16 or later. The mode is not activated by default, but it can be enabled if you believe you are in danger of being targeted by digital threats.

What Happens When You Turn On Lockdown Mode?

If you enable Lockdown Mode on your iOS device, the smartphone or tablet will not function normally. Web browsing will be hampered, and some websites may fail to work correctly; you can also notice missing graphics or fonts on some web pages. Furthermore, you would be unable to accept FaceTime calls from persons you have never phoned. SharePlay and Live Photos will be unavailable as well.

The manner in which devices connect to your system will also change, and you will need to authorize authorization to link your iPhone to a new attachment. Furthermore, Lockdown Mode will delete all photographs’ location information. Other features, such as Apple service invites and the ability to install any configuration services, would be disabled under Lockdown Mode.

How to Enable Lockdown Mode on an iPhone

Follow the instructions below to enable Lockdown Mode on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad):

  • 1. Launch the Settings application.
  • 2. Select Privacy & Security.
  • 3. Scroll down and select Lockdown Mode.
  • 4. Select “Turn On Lockdown Mode.”
  • 5. Once more, hit “Turn On Lockdown Mode” and “Restart.”
  • 6. Enter your iPhone passcode and restart your phone.

When the device resumes, Lockdown Mode is activated. When it is turned on, a lock icon should appear in the status bar. To check the state of Lockdown Mode, go to the Settings app and select Privacy & Security.

According to Apple, Lockdown Mode is designed for “The very few individuals who, because of who they are or what they do, might be personally targeted by some of the most sophisticated digital threats.”

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