IRCTC Announces New Guidelines For Child Passengers On Indian Railways

The Indian Railways has announced several new changes and guidelines for child passengers traveling on the train. The Indian Railways have made traveling more easier and comfortable for children. Traveling is also more secure and safe than before. If you’re planning to travel with your kids or children then you should be aware of this new guideline.

Some time back the Baby Berth facility was started as an experiment and several changes and modifications were carried out by the Indian Railways. As an outcome, new changes were made, and Baby Berth’s New Design was introduced. The newly designed Baby Berth is more safer and comfortable than the previous one.

The second trial for the Baby’s Berth in the trains will start very soon. The Baby Berth concept was introduced by looking at certain issues of not having enough space for the mother and the child during the train journey. This is the reason Baby Berth was introduced. 

The first trial was carried out in the year 2022 with lots and lots of flaws and defects. After carefully examining all these flaws and defects the new Baby Berth was redesigned and introduced. 

The new Baby Berth is now completely redesigned and new changes are made. Previously the Baby Berth was open in the direction of normal seats which has a huge risk and danger of injury to the child and also falling of the luggage. The new redesign is now completely covered making it safe for both the child and the mother. The new design gives the mother ample space to breastfeed without any danger. 

How To Reserve A Baby Berth Seat

The Baby Berth facility was introduced on a trial basis so there is no procedure and mechanism through which a traveler can book the Baby Berth. However, if a person opts for Baby Berth he or she can request the train ticket inspector to interchange or swap their seat with someone who is assigned a lower berth with a Baby Berth attached to it.

Also, the traveler can share the details regarding the same at the time of booking or reserving their ticket. The children who are below the age of 5 years, the Baby Berth will be made available. 

Baby Berth

Fare And Charges For Booking Baby Berth

The Indian Railways doesn’t charge any extra amount to the passengers who are booking and reserving their seats for children. No extra charge is to be paid for Baby Berth.

How To Use Baby Berth In Indian Railways

The lower berth attaches to the folding baby berth. The baby berth is held in place by a stopper beneath the lower berth. To use, just unlock the stopper and rotate the berth to the same level as the lower bed. To guarantee safety, a slider close to the bunk should be secured. The bunk also features a side support railing that must be unfurled before use. The berth may be inverted back below the lower berth when not in use. 

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