IRCTC Introduces Revised Guidelines For New Sleeping Rules on Trains

Indian Railways has introduced several new changes for keeping up with the benefit and the satisfaction of the customers. The recent changes and updates are for the passengers traveling at night on the Indian Railways.

The new guidelines of the Indian Railways include that no passenger in the Indian Railways in your compartment, seat, or coach can talk on mobile phones in a loud voice or listen to music in a louder voice. The Indian Railways has issued several guidelines so that the sleep of fellow passengers doesn’t get disturbed and the passengers can sleep peacefully during their train journey.

According to various media reports, many passengers complain about other people in their coach or compartment or near their seat talk and listening to music with a louder voice till late at night. Some people also made complaints regarding the train maintenance people also speaking loudly at night. Apart from that there are many other people that keep their lights switched on beyond 10 P.M which results in disturbing the sleep of their fellow passengers. 

After listening to all such complaints, Indian Railways came up with some new regulations and guidelines for the people. If any person does not obey the guidelines issued by Indian Railways then strict action will be taken against him/her. 

New Regulations And Guidelines

The railway board has issued guidelines regarding people talking on mobile phones in a loud voice or listening to music in a louder voice after 10 P.M during their train journey. The authorities have decided that if any person is found disobeying the guidelines then strict actions will be taken. If any person traveling in Indian Railways complains about any such happening then it would be the complete responsibility of the Indian Railways staff present on the train to resolve the issue.

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