IRCTC’s New Portal Zoop Lets You Order Food from Instagram During Train Travel

You no longer need to be concerned about meals when traveling by train. An IRCTC-approved online food aggregator just come up with its services on Instagram. Users will be able to order their preferred food while riding by train by following a few easy steps. You no longer need to carry extra bags for food when traveling by train since you can quickly order your meal with a few clicks on your favorite social media application, Instagram.

Zoop is an IRCTC-approved online food aggregator that has launched its service on the popular social media network Instagram. With a few easy taps, this innovative initiative allows train passengers to easily make orders for their favorite meals using their Instagram account. The tasty meal will be served quickly to the train seats, precisely at the train’s position, providing a smooth and comfortable train journey.

Ziva, Zoop’s Instagram Chatbot service, aims to improve the food ordering experience for train passengers. It serves a wide variety of cuisines, including Jain, South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, and snacks. This simple service allows travelers to satisfy their needs while traveling without relying entirely on home-packed or train pantry meals. 

Zoop’s creator, Puneet Sharma, is very excited about the new service. “We are delighted to unveil Zoop’s latest offering, which enables passengers to easily order food through a user-friendly Instagram app,” he says. Our highest priority is to ensure Zoop’s accessibility to all passengers and to improve train travel by delivering a hassle-free and stress-free experience. 

Zoop’s creator, Puneet Sharma also added that- “Our goal is to serve great cuisine from diverse places around the country so that customers may enjoy them right from their train seats. And this new service is basically making these objectives a reality.”


Zoop’s Instagram bot is a wonderful resource for train passengers, delivering more than simply food ordering. It enables customers to verify their PNR Status and access other meal order-related choices in a straightforward manner.

Checking for available discounts, tracking food delivery, canceling purchases, and filing complaints are all choices. By adding these elements, the bot guarantees that the order process is simplified and simple for tourists. As a result, the bot provides a fast and simple order procedure for travelers. Zoop in collaboration with IRCTC, provides excellent and clean meals to passengers at over 150 railway stations in India. By 2024, it hopes to offer 1 lakh meals per day at over 250 railway stations across India. 

How To Order Food Using Zoop?

How To Order Food Using Zoop?

All you have to do is open Instagram and search for @zoopFood. Then, via direct messaging, send “Hi” to connect with the automated chatbot. Choose a selection or “Order Food” from the available alternatives. After that, enter your name and phone number as directed. The Zoop team will call you to order and confirm meals. Share your PNR status on WhatsApp and select your order’s delivery station. Now, choose a restaurant and your preferred items. To place the order, select your preferred payment option and monitor it using Instagram.

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