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These Are The 5 Simple Tips On How To Deal With An Irritating Colleague

It becomes hard to concentrate when you are surrounded by people who can’t stop talking or doing weird stuff around you. Your office is one of the places where you can find those characters very easily.

We don’t mind if you have those weird, irritating colleagues. They are like bullies, though they are not intentionally bulling you. But there is something about them that is distracting you.

It can be their non-stop talking, their viral emails (that no one likes) or maybe just their weird acts that they use to irritate you. Whatever it is one thing is sure they are irritating.

If you are also dealing with an irritating colleague, here are our 5 tips on how to deal with an irritating colleague.

1. Try not to think about them (or what they do)

irritating colleague

An office is a workplace filled with many competitive people, everyone is trying to meet deadlines and it is just chaotic. Everyone is having one or another issue. Maybe your irritating colleague is also having a bad day, try to ignore them and don’t take things personally. Let them blabber out whatever they have to say, or let them dance (if they want to). Don’t make it a big deal and try to ignore them and get to work.

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2. Words play an important role at work

irritating colleague

We understand it can get very frustrating working with an irritating colleague. But you have to pay attention to what you say, as your words play an important role in the workplace. Instead of being straight up rude, try to resolve the matter with less hard words. Don’t completely stop talking to them, deny them with a smile. After all, you don’t want to deal with HR and stuff for the false allegation or for saying something that you didn’t mean.

3. Try to have a laugh with them

irritating colleague

They might not be that irritating in person, maybe this just their workload. Try to have a laugh with them, to find out if they are really annoying? Let them sit with you during launch, hear their story and then tell yours as well. Try to know what kind of person are they in real life. Though, you are at your office to do work, not to make friends. Maybe they feel a little less annoying and a little more fun once you have a laugh with them.

4. Or if it doesn’t work, go up straight

irritating colleague

Sometimes, they are being a bully intentionally and you being casual with them doesn’t work. They are still the same, irritating and you just can’t take it anymore. If that’s the case with you, we will suggest you have a private conversation with them. Tell them they are irritating and be specific, tell them exactly what you don’t like. Maybe they never realised it and you pointing it out help them change it.

5. Share how you feel with someone outside the work

irritating colleague

Their irritating acts are distracting you, giving you more stress because your work is still pending and you know you are again going to cancel your date (third time). Go call your friend or special friend, talk to them, take a little walk, tell your friend about them, about things that your irritating colleague has done so far. Freshen up your mind and get back to work again. This will help you decrease some of that stress that is making your irritated.

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In Conclusion:

If you have tried everything but nothing worked, don’t worry there is still one thing that you can do to make them stop. That’s it to raise the concern and asking your HR to resolve the issue. Stand up for yourself make them clear that you are getting hard to get your work done because of the irritating things your colleague do.

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