Is It Possible to Trace a Deceased Person’s Assets?

There are two kinds of people, one who are organised and the other ones who are unorganised.

Organised people ensure that their investments are lodged at some place so that their family members can easily trace them in unforeseen circumstances of their death. However, unorganised people tend to lose track of their investments making it difficult for their family members to trace it later after their death.

So, is it possible to trace a deceased person’s assets?

To answer this question: Yes, it is possible to trace assets of a deceased person but is it going to be easy? No.

Here are some ways you can explore to trace the investments made by your dead family member for you:

1. Emails

The first thing you can do is try to get into their emails to find any clues about their possible investments. Once you are inside their inbox, scan it carefully and take out the information related to the bank account and other investment portals.

2. Bank Records

The next thing you need to do is get hold of their bank records where you can find all kinds of transactions made by the person. Here, you can find clues related to investments or any other loans the person might have granted to others.

3. Written Request

In case the family is sure about a certain investment in NSDL and/or CDSL, they can send a written request to learn about the investment. The only thing they need to ensure is to share the required documents with them.

4. Chartered Accountant

Families can even visit the CA who was looking after the finances of the deceased person and ask him or her to share the previous taxes and related filings. It will be another great way to figure out the investments made by the person.

5. PAN Card

The family can look for the PAN Card details of the deceased person and get all the financial information related to the deceased person.

6. Will

The family should also contact the lawyer of the deceased, just in case a will was made before he or she died and did not disclose about it.

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