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Is Mosquito Bite You More Than You Friends?

According to the existing studies, certain people are more appealing to mosquitoes than others due to differences in blood type, germs on our feet, and body chemistry. However, Dr. Laxman Jessani, Consultant, Infectious Disease Specialist, Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, advises avoiding any bites during dengue season.

Do mosquitoes favour certain persons over others while biting them? It seems to be true when individuals within a group react differently to the buzzing threat during an outdoor gathering. Others are unaffected, while others complain of itches and lumps that resemble rashes. This has sparked an investigation into what initially draws certain mosquitoes to particular individuals. Most importantly, do mosquitoes exhibit discrimination?


In general, humans with blood type O tend to be more attractive to mosquitoes than people with other blood types, with blood type A being the least attractive. The US-based NIH research also revealed that people with blood type O are far less likely than those with other blood groups to get severe malaria if they are bitten by the Anopheles mosquito that transmits the disease, despite being bitten often.

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The existing data supports this, although there are a variety of other characteristics that may potentially influence a person’s appeal to mosquitoes. The more germs there are on the foot, the more mosquitoes find them appealing. According to Dr. Jessani, people with increased microbial diversity are less appealing to mosquitoes and may experience fewer bites as a result.

Our skin’s bacteria have an impact on the molecules we exhale. Our perspiration and sebum include chemicals that skin bacteria turn into volatile molecules. Some of them could now be able to either attract or deter mosquitoes.

Ultimately, whatever your motivation, be careful to avoid mosquito bites now that the rainy season and dengue season have arrived. Apply lotions and insect repellents to your skin. Get regular fumigation performed by local officials to stop mosquito breeding and lessen mosquito bites. Verify that garden pots don’t contain any standing water where mosquitoes may develop.

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