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Is This Going To Be The End Of Congress Party?

Recently, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s stunt of meeting the victims of a firing incident gained a lot of attention.  It impressed a few folks in such a way that the party veteran Natwar Singh couldn’t stop but suggest that she is the best person to handle the post of Congress president.

How Did Rahul’s Resignation Effect Congress?


According to the party veteran, if any non-Gandhi person takes over the Congress helm, it might lead to the spilt of the party. Natwar Singh was quoted saying,”You must have witnessed what she did in a village in Uttar Pradesh. It was amazing. She stayed there and achieved what she wanted to.”

But it seems that Priyanka’s praise stories will go in vain as Rahul Gandhi has already declared that no one from the Gandhi family is going to sit on the Congress throne.

Accepting Rahul statement, Singh added that, “It will depend on Priyanka because her brother (Rahul Gandhi) had said that nobody from the Gandhi family will become the Congress president. Now, the family will have to reverse the decision and only they can do it.”

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Is This The End Of Congress?


Given the current status, most party members are looking forward to see Priyanka take over but given Rahul’s statement no one knows for sure. However, any other option apart from her is not going to be fully acceptable by the party.

As per Anil Shastri, son of former prime minister Lal Bahadur Shastri, if anyone else is made the president of Congress party, chances are it will be the end of Congress. Looking at the current status of the party members, it will split within a span of 24 hours the moment a non-Gandhi is made to sit on the throne.

In Natwar Singh’s words, “It is unfortunate that the country’s 134-years-old party does not have a party president. I do not think apart from the Gandhi family, anyone should be elected as the president.”

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Highlight Points


It is going to be 50 days since Rahul resigned. He also stated that no member from Gandhi family is taking over the Congress helm.

Since then, the situation in Karnataka has become equally embarrassing for the party. Its coalition government with JD(S) is facing a tough time 16 MLA’s have resigned.

10 MLA’s have switched sides with BJP. Is this really going to be the end of Congress?

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