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Is Vitamin Water Good For You? Find Out The Real Truth Behind It

Have you been drinking vitamin water?

Do you think that you are getting any health benefits out of the magical water that it claims to be? Let me clear that out for you, You are not. Most of the people think that vitamin water is healthy, but in reality, it isn’t.

What is vitamin water?

vitamin water good for health

Vitamin water usually is supposedly mineral water which is enriched with minerals and vitamins. If you go by the promises and advertisements of the vitamin water, you will be more energetic and healthy if you consume this on a daily basis. Some vitamin waters are rich in antioxidants, or at least that’s what they portray.

But the reality is far from it.

So, is Vitamin water good for you?

Sadly no. The vitamin water is generally sweetened with sugar. Moreover, it just makes you believe that you are adding something beneficial to your body. Which is absolutely wrong, these drinks can cause you health problems and by no means, they are good for you.

Here are 7 reasons why Vitamin water is not good for you-

1. It has high sugar content

vitamin water good for you

You might not know this but vitamin water is just sugar and nothing else. Remember why you prefer diet coke instead of regular coke? Because the regular coke is high in sugar. Just like regular coke, vitamin water also contains a high amount of sugar. Containing almost 30 grams of sugar, vitamin water is not so healthy for your body.

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2. You might get fat

vitamin water good for you

These are no vitamin drinks, these are just another way to sell you a sugary solution that does taste good but it’s main purpose is to make you fat. Excessive sugar content will give extra calories to your body and extra calories means, added belly fat that will make you look fat in every group photo.

3. Risk of chronic disease

vitamin water good for you

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All the vitamin water includes fructose in them. Although many plants and honey also contain the same substance but consuming more a large amount of fructose can also cause chronic diseases in your body. Usually, these drinks provide vitamin A and vitamin E to your body both can cause health issues if consumed in a large amount.

4. The excess nutrients get flushed out

vitamin water good for you

Ideally, these vitamin drinks should provide your body with the added vitamins, vitamins that your diet lacks. But in reality, these drinks only provide your body with the vitamins that are usually present in an average person’s diet. Bottles of these sugary water are nothing but the waste of money.

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5. Excess micronutrients can harm

vitamin water good for you

Micronutrients are necessary for the growth of normal living organisms. We humans we are also living organisms but the excess quantity of these micronutrients can cause harm to your body.

6. It’s not a healthy

vitamin water good for you

Although these drinks are consist of fat-soluble vitamins if take them in large quantity. This drink can affect your health and it can cause liver diseases that you would certainly don’t want. so if you are thinking, vitamin water good for you than let me break it to you, it is not.

7. It’s just another sugary beverage

vitamin water good for you

After reading all of the above points, you must have understood that these are nothing but just another sugary beverage. Though its name sounds very healthy, in reality, they are not the same. Added sugar and unnecessary vitamins can make your body sick if you consume them in an excessive amount.


In Conclusion:

By now you should have no doubt, concerning if vitamin water good for you or not? Don’t waste your money on these so-called vitamin drinks. If your body is really lacking those essential vitamins, switch to vitamin tablets as they are far better than these drinks.

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