‘It Was Like Staying At A Luxury Hotel’: Delhi’s 1st Coronavirus Patient Recalls Experience Post Treatment

45-year-old, Rohit Dutta, who was the first to be detected positive of coronavirus in India has completely recovered. And post his exit from the isolation ward, he recalls how serious doctors, hospital and the government is about the Pandemic.

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“It was unbelievable. The isolation ward at Safdarjung hospital was not what I imagined a government hospital ward to be. It was no less than a luxury hotel. The staff also maintained a high level of hygiene – cleaning all surfaces and changing linens twice a day,” said Dutta as per a report by Hintand Times.

Dutta, who has now been asked to home-quarantine himself for 14 days, added that how the stay at the hospital was a cakewalk with unlimited access to Wi-Fi and Netflix. He was also allowed to video call his family so he doesn’t feel homesick.

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Dutta shared how he was scared after he found he was infected but also how the doctors asked him not to panic.When I first tested positive, I was scared. It is a new disease and I thought I might die. But the doctors came in and they explained that I had mild symptoms – just a cough and fever – and was likely to recover,” said Dutta. As for the nurses and cleaning staff, I thanked them for putting their lives in danger, and they told me that it was a profession that they had chosen, it was their duty and I did not need to thank them,”

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The patient, who was treated at the Safdarganj hospital, also elaborated about his conversation with the Health Minister on Holi.

“The health minister called me and wished me on Holi. He asked how I was feeling, whether I had any problems, whether I liked the food at the hospital. He said that he and the PM were personally monitoring the condition of all the Covid-19 patients. Imagine the health minister of the country calling! I am a common man,” he said.


Dutta, who owns a textile business, had caught the virus from his recent visit to Italy. He was reportedly there with his two brothers-in-law, who were also tested +ve of the virus. The brothers-in-law had transferred the virus to four other family members all of whom were discharged on Saturday.

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“I was perfectly healthy when I was in Europe. All three of us used to walk around 25,000 steps a day; that’s not a sick person. I wasn’t screened at the airport and at the time I did not even have symptoms. I got the fever only at night,” he said.

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He said he took paracetamol and went to bed. The day after, he went to a doctor who prescribed his three-day medicines. The fever later eloped only to come back. Then he heard of the COVID-19 outbreak and his family forced him to get tested.

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Dutta went to Ram Manohar Lohia hospital where he was asked to fill a form at a separate counter. Within 30 minutes of him being tested positive, he was shifted to the Safdarjung hospital.

“The authorities are working very hard to contain the disease. Within 30 minutes of me testing positive, they were at my house to test my family members and the house of my friends. The next day they tested people at the school too,” he said.  

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He, at last, only advised people to don’t panic and get them tested if they show even a minute sign of the virus.“If they don’t they are risking their lives and that of his loved ones,” he said.

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