Italy Claims ‘War Damages’ From China As It Suffers The Highest Deaths Due To COVID-19

Italy has been the worst-hit country by the COVID-19 pandemic. With around 12,428 deaths Italy is topping the unfortunate list. The government of the country looks helpless while the medical practitioners are working heart out.

As per reports and social media posts, Italian doctors and health professionals are working for more than 20 hours a day. Images of doctors, nurses, paramedics getting permanent marks due to wearing of gears for long hours have also surfaced. However, what irked Italy the most was the falsehood and hiding of facts by China. The fact that Chinese doctors and journalists ended up in prison when they tried to alert the rest of the world, is something that Italy and the world is pointing out.

And now it has asked China to pay ‘War Damages’. For the unknown, the ‘war damage’ is the cost one nation asks from the other (nation or nations) for inflicting war on it. This is asked as for the damage suffered due to the war. This massive loss of life is called by ‘Italy’ nothing less than a war.

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“We Are Angry Because Chinese Whistleblowers Were Silenced & Italians Are Dying Like Flies”, said the statement from Italian authorities. The truth is, we are angry. And we are angry because of China’s criminal silence on it they added. What added salts to the Italians misery was the saying by Chinese that Milan has become like Gwadar. Italy has accused China of hiring trolls to spread fake or ‘likely’ news.

This virus has been unleashed upon the rest of the world by the endemic failures of the Beijing regime: lack of transparency, lack of democracy, aggressive economic strategies, imperialistic designs. We should hold China responsible and ask Beijing for reparations, economic and moral reparations. This the stand of Italy at present.

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