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Italy Effect? People In Gurugram Are Singing Gayatri Mantra From Their Balcony

Self-isolating could be tough, but people seem to have found a way to socialize amidst the chaos to lift each other’s spirit and mood. And one way to do so, which has become a worldwide trend now, is singing from the balcony.

After videos of people singing in from their balconies in Italy had gone viral….

….. Indians seem to be adopting something similar. In four videos shot in Gurugram, residents, especially women, can be seen singing “Gayatri Maha Mantra”, a Hindu religious chant, from their balconies.

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Four such videos were shared by a twitter user and are something that might lift the efforts of people during such harsh times.

The video was shared by an NDTV correspondent, however, people in the comment section said it was a mere publicity stunt. Well, even if it is a publicity stunt, something is surely better than doing nothing to boost one’s and others’ mood. Ain’t it?

Many people, seeing the positive side of the same, came out to laud the efforts of the residents.

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Such videos are emerging from across the world as most of the countries face a lockdown to curb the spread of cornavirus. The worst affected country currently remains to be Italy which has reported 475 single day deaths on Wednesday.

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