Italy’s Submerged ‘Ghost Village’ May Resurface In 2020 After 25 Years & It Doesn’t Sound Like A Good News

2020 has been the worst year so far and literally abb to adat si hai mujko ese jeene ki. So, with no hint of surprise on my face, here is one more thing people might have to deal with in 2020 – ghosts.

After coronavirus, locust attack, oil spills, cyclone and more now a ghost village in southern Italy might just get resurfaced this year. The 12th-century Italian village has been submerged underwater for more than 25 years could soon see the light of day again.

Source – Inisder

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The village named Fabbriche di Careggine, in Lucca province, Tuscany, had been flooded in 1946 to build a dam and the Lake Vagli. The village since then had appeared once in a while but had not been seen since 1994 when the dam was last emptied.

Source – Izismile

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The village is submerged under 34 million cubic meters of water and has appeared only four times – 1958, 1974, 1983 and 1994. The village still has those stone houses, a bridge, a cemetery and the San Teodoro Church intact, which might be a perfect spot for ghosts to chill out (jk)

Source – The Mirror

And now the lake is being emptied once more after 27 years and the fact that it is called a ghost village doesn’t please me.

Lorenza Giorgi, daughter of former mayor of the local municipality Ilio Domenico Giorgi spoke about the lake and said: 
Source – Sky News

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The last time it was emptied was in 1994 when my father was mayor and thanks to his efforts and to the numerous initiatives that with great efforts, was able to set up the entire town of Vagli and was able to welcome more than 1 million people.

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Can’t Italy wait for this year to pass? Please!!

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