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It’s A Big Deal That RFID Tags Exist! Vehicles Entering Delhi Will No Longer Be Able To Be Registered! Know-How To Acquire An RFID Tag

If you drive to Delhi every day, this information will be quite helpful to you. You may no longer be able to enter Delhi. A Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag is now required for entry into Delhi, and commercial vehicles with inadequate charge cannot be entered without one as well. The entrance of commercial vehicles into Delhi without a radio frequency identification tag or with an inadequate fee has been outlawed by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC).

Tightening up at the 124 toll booth

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation has made it clear that no leniency would be granted this time around. South Delhi Municipal Corporation officials said 124 toll booths have been set up with rigorous rules. Vehicles without RFID or those without a charged tag will be subject to harsh punishment. Also, if necessary, car registrations might be revoked.

At toll plazas, an RFID system has been deployed.

It’s worth mentioning that RFID orders were placed three times this year alone (June, August and September). By law, the South Corporation has now outlawed specified commercial cars without RFID tags and inadequate recharge in the tags,’ stated Mayor Mukesh Suryan of the South Corporation. Toll sites are being periodically inspected by enforcement teams, who are keeping an eye on them.

The mayor said that the perpetrators will be punished. Commercial vehicles pay taxes and environmental compensation charges (ECC) using RFID chips, which eliminate the need for cash or credit cards.

How does an RFID tag function?

RFID tags are required for commercial cars to enter the city in cashless mode. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags are attached to the windshields of automobiles. When you cross the toll plaza, this tag automatically deducts money from your wallet or purse.

According to Delhi Mayor Mukesh Suryan, the Supreme Court has mandated the use of RFID technology at all toll plazas in the city to reduce pollution. Also mandated by the court is the collection of the toll tax and ECC using this method. This means that automobiles may enter the city without any problem.


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