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Jack Fruit Is Filling In The Shoes Of Plunged Non-Veg Sale Amidst Coronavirus Scare

For someone who believes that what harm could a WhatsApp forward do? Well, this one is dedicated to every such person.

As coronavirus in India is on a surge with multiple new cases being reported each day, people are taking enough precautions to keep themselves safe from getting infected by the virus.


However, the list of precautions has also led people into believing that coronavirus can spread if one eats chicken. This has led to a drop in the sale of chicken across the country. The price of the chicken has come down to Rs. 80/kg and many poultry farmers are even killing the chickens because they can’t afford to feed them amidst declined sales.

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However, to fulfill one’s chicken carving, it happens to be, people have started buying jackfruit aka kathal in large quantity. This has lead to a sharp increase in the price of Kathal. Once sold for Rs. 50/kg, kathal is now being sold for Rs. 120/kg.


“It is better having a ‘kathal’ biryani instead of mutton biryani. It tastes reasonably good. The only problem is that ‘kathal’ has been sold out in the vegetable market and is difficult to find,” said Purnima Srivastava whose family savours non-vegetarian food on a regular basis.

So talking about what a WhatsApp forward can do, this is what one forward is capable of. Due to the misconception, poultry business has taken a beating in the country. And though authorities have tried to brush off the misconceptions, they have failed miserably.

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While speaking to News18, Vineet Singh, head of the Poultry Farm Association said, “in fact, we gave away plateful of chicken dishes for Rs 30 to encourage people to savour the delicacies. We cooked one thousand kilograms of chicken for the Mela and the entire stock was sold out”

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