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Policy Review Is What Required To Tackle The Violence In The State Of Jammu And Kashmir

Over the last few months, the violence in Jammu and Kashmir has been increased. Although, security forces have been able to eliminate the Jaish-e-Mohammed operatives, involved in the Pulwama attack.

But this is just for their credit. As in reality, security forces are taking hard beating from the terrorist in J&K. An Army major along with two soldiers, five Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel, and a Jammu and Kashmir police official has lost their lives in a separate terrorist attack.

These attacks have not just caused harm to our forces. But the innocent civilians have also got injured in these attacks. Government is referring to these attacks as a desperate attempt but the terrorists. Though in reality, we all know who is on the receiving end, terrorist are able to breach our security forces to create violence, politics in J&K is also out of the hand.

Then what’s the solution?

Jammu and Kashmir

A policy review for the state might be the proper solution to solve the J&K violence and dispute. The central government requires to focus on a twin-track approach for J&K. Terrorist groups from the other side of the border are always trying to create trouble in the valley. They are supported by the same country (Pakistan) from the other side of the border.

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Though, there is another worry on the rise since the last five years, causing the local radicalisation. Younger Kashmiris are so influenced by militant Islamist ideology. This is giving rise to more violence and dispute in the government.

Government has to maintain a strong watch in the valley to keep the terror under control. Our army should keep their focus on the border, stopping the cross-border attacks. While the parliament forces and state police should continue to focus on the internal dispute.

Other than that, the government has to take care of the political vacuum in the Valley. In order to maintain peace, J&K have their own locally elected government. But in reality, the locally elected government does not guarantee peace. J&K needs taste more democracy, leaving them with all these privileges this is only going to end up in more violence.

The government should start by holding the election in the state as soon as possible. A more rooted government will be able to fix the local grievances more efficiently.

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In Conclusion:

The government should move ahead while maintaining both peace and democracy. But this seems to be very hard. Tell us what you think? Can you suggest a better way to deal with the situation of J&K

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