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Janmashtami 2023: Traditional Food Offerings to Lord Krishna

The most important Hindu festival is Janmashtami. Across India, Janmashtami celebrations and prayers are celebrated at Krishna temples. Some Krishna followers fast for the day and then break their fast with Prasad at midnight on the anniversary of Lord Krishna’s birth. On this auspicious day, several delicacies are prepared and presented to Lord Krishna. 

On this day, a few signature recipes are presented to Lord Krishna in honor of his affection for milk and milk products. Interestingly, these foods have been shown to be beneficial to the human body since they relax the intestines after a long day of fasting.

Krishna’s love of butter, milk, and other milk products is legendary, hence most Janmashtami dishes use these components in abundance. Lord Krishna is served 56 different types of food, known as Chappan Bhog.

Apart from that, various sweets and savory dishes are cooked in homes around the country. The Janmashtami dishes vary significantly depending on where you live in India. Below we have mentioned some of the most popular Janmashtami recipes and meals to help you prepare the offerings to Shri Krishna.

Traditional Food Offerings to Lord Krishna

Traditional Dishes for Lord Krishna | Janmashtami Prasad | Janmashtami Sweets

Shri Krishna Jayanthi or Krishna Janmashtami is a celebrated Indian festival for celebrating Krishna’s birth. Here are the 20 most famous Janmashtami dishes, and prasad you can prepare and have during Janmashtami or offer them to Lord Krishna.

1. Kheer


Kheer is an auspicious and traditional food that is served at all festive occasions. It takes numerous forms and names across the country, but it is mainly a delicious dish that symbolizes the auspiciousness of the day. Whether it’s Kheer or Payasam, this dessert takes the spotlight on every festival food and is thus one of the most significant Janmashtami dishes. Kheer can be cooked using rice, vermicelli, lentils, and other grains, but milk and cream remain essential in every Kheer recipe. 

2. Taler Bora

Taler Bora

Taler Bora is a famous dish that is very important in Janmashtami traditions in Bengal. It is a delicious delicacy made from Palm fruit that has been deep-fried like fritters. 

3. Malpua


Malpua is a pancake-like dish that is popular during festivals, particularly in northern India. It is a well-known Janmashtami dish.

4. Maakhan Mishri

Maakhan Mishri

Maakhan Mishri is a traditional offering to Krishna, later distributed as Prasad. It is a dessert made with fresh white butter and small sugar cubes known as Mishri. Because Krishna is said to have enjoyed it, this simple meal is a key component of Janmashtami cuisine.

5. Dhaniya Panjiri

Dhaniya Panjiri

Dhaniya Panjiri is cooked as a prasad for Krishna Janmashtami. The benefits of ghee and almonds are filled in this healthy recipe. This dish’s components include fox nuts, shredded dried coconut, coriander powder, powdered sugar, ghee, cashew nuts, and almonds. This dessert is gluten-free and vegan.

6. Shrikhand


Shrikhand is a classic Indian dish made with hanging curd or creamy yogurt, saffron, cardamom, and sugar. It is common within the western Indian states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. It’s tasty, cooling, and refreshing. Make these Krishna Janmashtami unique meals to honor Lord Krishna and enjoy with your family.

7. Panchamrit


It is primarily the holy liquid preparation used during Puja ceremonies to honor Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Panchamrit translates to “5 Nectars” and is made of five ingredients: milk, curd, honey, ghee, and coconut water. The components may differ slightly depending on regional tastes. Panchamrit is used to wash Krishna’s idol before serving it as a holy tirtha to worshippers.

8. Chakli or Muruku

Chakli or Muruku

Chakli, also known as Muruku, is a popular snack in southern India and an essential dish in Janmashtami cuisine. 

9. Peda


Another famous milk-based dessert is Peda. There are several varieties of Pedas found across India. The Peda is believed to have originated in Mathura, Krishna’s birthplace. Pedas are sold in sweet stores all around the country, but they can also be easily made at home.

10. Besan Laddoo

Besan Laddoo

Without Laddoo’s presence, no festival or joyous event is complete. These laddoos can take numerous shapes, such as Motichoor Ke Laddoo or Besan Ke Laddoo. 

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11. Kodubale


Kodubale is a famous food in India’s southern regions. It is also made during festivals, most notably Krishna Janmashtami. Rice flour is used to make them. The rice flour dough is combined with salt, chili powder, and other spices before being formed into rings that resemble bangles and deep-fried. 

12. Lauki ka Halwa / Ghiya Halwa

Lauki ka Halwa / Ghiya Halwa

Ghiya Halwa, Lauki Halwa, or Dudhi Halwa is a wonderful sweet delicacy made using an unusual ingredient. Bottle Gourd takes on a divine shape in the form of a dessert. The best thing is that this treat can be made quickly and simply at home.

13. Coconut Barfi / Nariyal Barfi

Coconut Barfi / Nariyal Barfi

Coconut Burfi is a delicious meal with few ingredients that can be cooked fast and effortlessly at home. This dessert takes advantage of the benefits of coconut to create a creamy and sweet flavor that lingers for a long time. Krishna would be pleased with this delectable meal made with coconut and plenty of affection.

14. Basundi


    Basundi is another milk-based delicacy that is popularly consumed at celebrations. It is a beautiful condensed milk and sugar dish that goes well with Janmashtami meals. Lord Krishna adores milk, and Basundi is one of the greatest foods to cook and serve to Shri Krishna in order to satisfy him.

    15. Gopalkala


    Gopalkala is a distinctive Maharashtrian cuisine that is one of the most famous Janmashtami gifts to Lord Krishna. This is comparable to curd rice, incredibly nutritious, and gets ready in five to ten minutes. It is a delicious dish made of beaten rice, cucumbers, green chilies, coconut, and a few simple seasonings. It enhances the flavor, and hand-churned fresh cream is also added.

    16. Makhane Ki Kheer

    Makhane Ki Kheer

    Makhana is extremely nutritious and simple to digest. When roasted, it creates a delicious snack and is also used in desserts. Makhane Ki Kheer is a rich and creamy treat that is simple to create with milk, ghee, sugar, cardamom powder, saffron, cashews, and Makhane.

    17. Honey With Milk

    Honey With Milk

    The Janmashtami puja meal is incomplete without the holy milk and honey drink. It is presented to Lord Krishna and subsequently distributed among devotees as a sign of cleanliness. 

    18. Makhana Paag 

    Makhana Paag 

    Makhana Paag is a delicious delicacy prepared on the night of Janmashtami using lotus seeds, milk, ghee, and powdered sugar. Children like this sweet meal with crunchy flavors.

    19. Rava Ladoo

    Rava Ladoo

    Ladoos are very famous in India. Rava ladoo is a unique dessert. It’s a popular Indian dessert made for celebrations such as Diwali, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, and many other festivals. Rava ladoos are very simple to make in a short amount of time. It has a coarse texture and a strong coconut flavor. It’s made of semolina, sugar, drawn butter (clarified butter), nuts, and cardamom powder.

    20. Sabudana Khichdi

    Sabudana Khichdi

    Sabudana khichdi is most commonly consumed on fast days and is one food that can give your taste buds a fresh flavor throughout vrat due to its quick energy-boosting qualities, but it can also be enjoyed at any other time. Sago, whole spices, peanuts, potatoes, and curry leaves are used to make it.

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