This Billionaire Is Giving Away Rs. 65.5 Cr To His Twitter Followers As A Part Of Social Experiment

A Japanese fashion billionaire Yusaku Maezawa has said that he will distribute Rs. 65.5 Crore from his wealth to his twitter followers as a part of a “social experiment”. The billionaire said that he would distribute the money among followers to see if it can “make them happy”.

The money will be distributed among 1,000 of his followers who had retweeted a Jan. 1 post from his profile. Further, the impact of winning – what we would term as a lottery -will be tracked regularly.

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“It’s a serious social experiment,” said Maezawa on YouTube, adding he hopes to attract interest from academics and economists.

Yusaku Maezawa billionaire giveaway
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Like most of the billionaires, Maezawa is found of spending money on art and sports car. However, besides that, he is also interested in ideas like what would be the world without money.

Moreover, would also be the first private passenger to join Elon Musk on his journey around the moon.

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Maezawa said he has both time and money to inspire great revolving around the need for basic income in a world threatened by the emergence of artificial intelligence.

Besides such interests, the billionaire nowadays has found a hobby in Youtube where he posts videos like a tour of his private jet, a visit to the barber to dye his hair and much more.  

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