7 Japanese Concepts for a Happy Life

Are you looking forward to thriving in life and becoming the best version of yourself? If yes, please stay with me in this article to learn about the 7 Japanese concepts meant for a happy and fulfilling life.

Anyone can be happy in life if they have the patience to wait for the results once they put in their efforts. To make it easier for them, I am sharing the 7 best Japanese concepts that can help them have a happy life.

1. Ikigai

7 Japanese Concepts for a Happy Life: Ikigai

It is the concept of having “a reason to live” or “a reason to jump out of bed in the morning”. It is advised to have a purpose for your life and your every single day would be joyful and meaningful.

2. Shikata ga nai

7 Japanese Concepts for a Happy Life: Shikata ga nai

It is a concept of letting go of the things that you can’t change. It is always ideal to remove focus from the thing we have no control over and shift it towards the areas we can change.

3. Wabi-Sabi

7 Japanese Concepts for a Happy Life: Wabi-sabi

The concept explains that nobody is perfect and imperfection is beautiful so do not be harsh on yourself. You should be able to embrace your imperfections because they make you unique.

4. Gaman

7 Japanese Concepts for a Happy Life: Gaman

Tough times can evoke multiple emotions in us which we should be able to harness and calmly weasel out of the situation without panicking or getting nervous.

5. Obaitori

7 Japanese Concepts for a Happy Life: Obaitori

This concept refrains you from comparing yourself to others as everybody has been leading a different life journey. Just focus on your journey while measuring your progress.

6. Kaizen

7 Japanese Concepts for a Happy Life: Kaizen

The concept suggests you improve in every area of your life and even a small change every day shall count towards making a bigger impact in your life.

7. Shu-Ha-Ri

7 Japanese Concepts for a Happy Life: Shu-ha-ri

The concepts suggest that there should be 3 stages of knowledge acquisition which are as follows:

Shu: Learn the basics from your subject teacher

Ha: Integrate the learning from your teacher into practice

Ri: Start innovating, experimenting and applying your learnings to different situations


In this article, we have learned about the 7 Japanese Concepts for a happy life. If you are struggling towards making your life better, I suggest you get hold of your problems and apply these concepts to them for better output.

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